Stepping into the second year of the Zoho CRM Training Program!

In the first week of June 2018, a couple of small teams from Zoho’s headquarters in Chennai, India travelled to Sydney and London—feeling a mix of curiosity and excitement—to conduct their very first training program for a very special set of Zoho CRM customers.

Today, exactly a year later, thanks to the constant encouragement from our amazing users all over the world, the same team celebrates one year of the “Zoho CRM training program.” We are so thrilled!

What’s the training program all about?
The Zoho CRM Training program is an instructor-led, guided approach for learning how to set up and run Zoho CRM effectively to meet your organization’s needs. It’s tailored to target four sets of profiles: Administrators, Sales Managers, Sales Representatives, and Developers.

A customer may opt to join the nearest Zoho CRM classroom training session, in which a dedicated trainer walks them through a 3-day program on both basic and advanced concepts of CRM. They may also raise a request for online training that can be tailored to their unique requirements. A third option is something called onsite training, in which a product expert visits the specific organization to train all of their employees on how to optimally deploy Zoho CRM for their company.

The primary objective of the training program is to help Zoho CRM customers learn to make the most out of their subscription. We work to help your teams familiarize themselves with Zoho CRM until it becomes second nature to them. We have already helped more than 600 trainees in over 30 major cities across the world, just this year.

Our training program has positively influenced not only our customers, but also other small businesses—the venues that facilitate our classroom groups, the local printers who supply hard copies of our training manuals, as well as caterers and event managers—they have all had a busy year thanks to our classroom training arrangements. 🙂

What’s next?
Today marks the first anniversary of our training initiatives, and we can confidently say that this is only the beginning of what’s yet to come.

This program has facilitated two-way learning. While we were out teaching our users the best practices of CRM, we have learned valuable lessons about our customers and their needs along our journey. Every training session in-person and online has taught us something new that adds value to this program, and in the process, makes Zoho CRM an easier product to learn and use.

We constantly invest our efforts in improving our training resources, methodology, infrastructure, and the quality of our delivery. A lot more classroom sessions are coming up in new cities around the world, and we can’t wait to meet with everyone. Our customers will soon be able to enrol themselves in CRM certification programs, self-learning platform and online discussion forums for continuous learning and engagement.

This first year of training has been very enjoyable and gratifying for the Zoho CRM team. We look forward to stepping into the second year of training with a bigger team, fresh ideas, and even more enthusiasm. On behalf of the entire Zoho CRM team, I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every customer that has been part of our training program so far.

For further information:
Reserve your slot in the next classroom in your city from here. 
Register for your next online training session here. 
Browse some great Twitter Moments here. 


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    1. That's great to hear, Stuart. Please stay tuned for further updates from us and do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions :)

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