Automate your Sales Quotes with Socket App for Zoho CRM

This is a guest post by Michael Walsh of Deversus Software Inc.

Socket, an

Online Quoting Software as a Service
 that recently launched to the public, now integrates seamlessly with Zoho CRM. Socket allows your employees and customers to share the same simple, automated quoting system to save time and receive more leads with automatically calculated, generated, and e-mailed PDF quotes.

Socket lets you easily create your own Items (products/services), specify their pricing, and bundle them together in Quote Forms, which represent what your quotes will contain. You can easily plug the Quote Forms you create directly into your own website to allow customers to build their own instant quotes. Once set up, Socket handles all of the heavy lifting in creating, e-mailing, and tracking your quotes.

Key features of Socket to Zoho CRM integration:

  • Accounts, Contacts, Potentials, and Cases are automatically pushed from Socket to Zoho CRM
  • Note is automatically created in Zoho CRM with a link to the PDF quote in Socket
  • Tracking of Stage History with standard value mapping (defaults to Proposal/Price Quote)
  • Potentials are automatically assigned to Zoho CRM users matching the e-mail address of the sales person in Socket

With the Zoho CRM integration, Accounts, Contacts, Potentials, and Cases are automatically created each time a quote is created in Socket. This means that every time one of your salespeople creates a quote in Socket, or a customer creates a quote via your website, the customer and quote information is automatically funnelled into Zoho CRM for you to keep track of.

Socket’s quoting software also integrates with payment gateways such as PayPal to give your customers the option to pay for their quote online.

Key benefits:

  • Reduce your time spent on the quoting process by 90%.
  • Use your existing Zoho CRM account to keep track of your sales leads. No channel interruptions.
  • Quotes are automatically calculated and generated, which eliminates human error and maintains consistency.
  • Receive more leads through your website with instant online quotes that customers create themselves.
  • Sell online using your own payment gateway.

You can try Socket for free for 30 days via the

Socket website

– Michael


3 Replies to Automate your Sales Quotes with Socket App for Zoho CRM

  1. I am interested in the response to RBR. We are looking at doing the same thing, but are concerned anytime we select a 3rd party add-on rather than using the core system.Is there a solution with Zoho that allows user generated web-quotes that are integrated into the Zoho system?

  2. Hi there, I really appreciate on the tips posted. It’s really applicable. And that’s right, it’s good to have automation as it gives less time and effort.

  3. If Zoho has Quotes within the CRM system, as well as Zoho Invoice, which does quotes (and maybe Zoho Books, I don't know) - why another 3rd party integration?I think this not only confuses users, but lessens the value of Zoho if they think they need to go elsewhere to do something that should work within ZCRM - or at least Zoho makes it seem like it should work, since Quotes are a module...

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