Salespoint for Zoho CRM: The iPad App for Field Salespeople

This is a guest post by David Falk, CEO of Salespoint, a Barcelona-based field sales mobile app provider for manufacturing, insurance, electronics and food services.


We believe that the key to successful CRM implementation is to create a win-win situation for sales reps as well as their management. If sales reps are made to realize how they can benefit by using the system (huge saving of time, access to interesting data, etc.), this would in turn enable their management to easily access the information they require for steering the organization.

Today, we’re proud to announce the integration of Salespoint with Zoho CRM. 

With SalesPoint and Zoho CRM, sales reps can:

  • Check the appointments and route for the day.
  • Manage visit reports efficiently by attaching photos and recordings to the customer information.
  • Demonstrate product capabilities to prospects with the latest catalog.
  • Take orders instantly from customers during sales visit.
  • And automatically synchronize field-sales data with Zoho CRM.


The combination of Zoho CRM and Salespoint creates a powerful effect: sales reps get amazing functionality for their work on the road, while sales managers can instantly track and analyze a wealth of data they receive from the field. The integration with Zoho CRM synchronizes leads, accounts, contacts, potentials, and activities. And, at the same time the following media files are also synchronized with CRM as attachments:

  • Customer Logos
  • Photos
  • Recordings
  • Business Cards


So how would you use Salespoint with Zoho CRM? In these videos you can see two business scenarios:

Account Management with Salespoint and Zoho CRM

A Sales Rep visits corporate clients, manages route-planning, makes visit checkins, takes notes and then synchronizes the data so that the Sales Manager can see the results in Zoho CRM.

Salespoint in Retail

This is a similar case, but better applicable to the Retail industry. The Sales Rep takes picture of the Point Of Sale (POS) and synchronizes those photos as attachments with Zoho CRM.

We invite you to our website where you can explore these features further and request a free demo. I’m sure that you will see the benefits immediately.

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