Zoho CRM Read-Only Mode Available From Our Secondary Data Center

One of the priorities we set ourselves after our outage is to get a read-only instance up quickly in our secondary data center in the New York metro region. We have always had the data backed up in that data center and our software team has been busy making it run in read-only mode. Today, we are happy to announce that Zoho CRM is running in read-only mode from our secondary data center.

The URL is https://crm-ro.zoho.com

We will keep this read-only mode accessible to customers all the time, so that in the event of an outage in our primary data center, your access to data will be preserved. We still have some limitations we are working through – for example, database information is synchronized immediately between our silicon valley and New York data centers, while document attachments have a one hour lag, which we will be addressing soon. There are some other limitations: search does not work and most of the integrations, particularly Mail integration do not work. All of these limitations will be removed in a few weeks. Our goal in getting this out quickly is to give you access to your core CRM data from our secondary data center.

Other Zoho services are working on read-only versions right now and we will open them up as soon as they are ready and post announcements regarding them.

This read-only version is just a start. We are working to provision our New York data center fully so that all Zoho services can run in hot standby mode, so when the next disaster strikes, we could switch over the service quickly.

5 Replies to Zoho CRM Read-Only Mode Available From Our Secondary Data Center

  1. Hi,Thank you for notifying this issue to us.After submitting the log in credentials, for few Users it took more time to load the home page. We have found the root cause of this issue and also updated the fix for the same. Could you please check it now.Regards,
    Prabu R
    [ For Zoho CRM ]

  2. I tried to enter the read only crm site twice (yesturday and today) and it hangs right after I enter my credential at the logon screen. For me it's not working yet.

  3. Thank you Zoho for coming through on your promise. I greatly appreciate you all getting this online quickly. Our team was dead in the water that day during the fail, and this will assuage any fears that remain on our team. Keep up the great product development.Best,Eric

  4. Dear team,This is great news for your customers! I logged in to try and all the data seems to be there. Hopefully there will be no contingency near time soon and we will not need to use this read only service.Are you going to communicate about this site to your client base? What will happen during an outage like the previous one? Will you redirect customers to this read only site transparently and they would be warned by a message or will you share the link on Twitter only?Many thanks for sharing this emergency procedure.Best regards,Christophe

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