Customer Spotlight: OxyHealth is more productive with Zoho CRM and Google Apps

This is a guest blog post by Brandon Wilson, CRM Consultant of Viwo, a leading cloud solutions provider and a Zoho partner. Viwo has successfully deployed 3000 organizations onto cloud solutions.

The Business

Samir Patel, CEO OxyHealth
Samir Patel, CEO, OxyHealth

Located in Sante Fe Springs, CA, OxyHealth LLC is a manufacturer and seller of Hyperbaric Chambers – medical devices used to increase the uptake of oxygen by a body’s red blood cells. Since its start 10 years ago, OxyHealth has seen the popularity of hyperbaric chambers expand into many areas of medicine.

The Challenge

Many of OxyHealth’s business systems were created and setup several years ago, due to which they were unable to keep up with the growing challenges and needs.

Their biggest and most pressing issue was CRM. Their sales team, over the years, became increasingly mobile and access became a huge issue for OxyHealth. To top it all, their current CRM solution, Goldmine, was increasingly hard to maintain and was getting less and less suitable for their workflow.

They needed a cloud based CRM solution, which is highly accessible from mobile devices and integrates with their email system.

A Solution with Zoho CRM

OxyHealth’s CEO, Samir Patel, landed on Zoho CRM as the best solution. What put Samir over the top was the breadth of features and most importantly, that Zoho CRM was part of a larger integrated suite of applications. The price was just the cherry on top.

OxyHealth approached us to manage the implementation in the following areas:

  • Solution Design
  • Evaluation Support
  • Project Planning
  • Customization and Integration
  • Training
  • Ongoing Technical Support


Mobile Team

Travel had become a regular part of OxyHealth’s sales process. They continually found themselves needing to input and review data or manage tasks on the go. Now with Zoho CRM, they can input leads from their Smartphones or tablets instead of heading back to the office to hop on a server.

“With the ability to work everywhere, not just in the office, I see high potential for not only making more money, but saving a lot of money as well.” CEO, Samir Patel

Easy Communication Tracking

Tracking email communication in high fidelity is critical for OxyHealth. And Goldmine required a lot of manual work to associate emails to records, making it error prone.

We integrated OxyHealth’s Google Apps account with the Zoho Mail Add on. This solution gave them automated email tracking, logging all inbound and outbound email communication and accessible at the click of a button from within their contacts.

“We quickly became more productive and efficient. I found myself simply getting more done.” CEO, Samir Patel

The Result

The result, OxyHealth became more productive and efficient. With the ability to work everywhere, not just in the office, Samir says that he sees high potential for not only making more money, but saving money as well. You can check out the full story here.


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