Making the right connections, made easy with CRM

This is a guest post by Lindsay Garrison, Chief Problem Solver at On the verge, inc., a Zoho Alliance Partner in the Greater Boston Area.

You’ve probably heard that user adoption is one key to CRM success. If you can’t get your staff to log in and use it, then you don’t have a viable customer relationship management solution. And, while there are many things I can do for my clients, one thing I can’t do is make them use their CRM system.Zoho-CRM-making-connections

Earlier this year we had the opportunity to help a non-profit agency implement Zoho CRM. Their employees had experienced two failed software initiatives in the prior two years; to say that the staff was not enthusiastic to go down that road again is an understatement. This organization has a staff of 60 people who are spread from Vermont to China – and had no centralized information. It was typical for someone to wait hours (and waste time) just to track down a name or email address. It was hurting morale and productivity, and they had to fix it.

The following testimonial, from an aforementioned reluctant user, shows us that it can be done:

I just had a Zoho experience that I want to share with you.

I’ve been trying unsuccessfully for several days to find information about programs that one of the New York utilities operates for its district customers in Manhattan. Let me tell you, I was pulling my hair out – a tough trick for a bald guy. Finally, I opened up Zoho and typed the utility name into the search field. A contact appeared, who happens to be the Director who happens to know one of our staffers. With his permission, I e-mailed her (because Zoho contained her accurate e-mail address), told her he had referred me to her, and asked for her help.  15 minutes later I received an e-mail from her with answers to all my questions, and my task is complete!!

Zoho rocks. It’s a great tool, and it’s just as handy as you promised. Zoho has changed my life. I may start exercising and eating right because of Zoho. I’ve seen the light – hallelujah, testify!!


I love getting emails like this (although they usually aren’t as funny)! It underscores everything this company was trying to accomplish.

Change is difficult and engaging people to use a CRM system – especially those with an oh-no-here-we-go-again attitude – can be a challenge. But the truth is, this type of success doesn’t happen by accident. It requires that a company plan, communicate, listen, adjust, and then listen some more. We can see from John’s enthusiastic letter that they did just that.

In fact, this client was a joy to work with because their overriding concern was that whatever they did, it had to have value for their staff and make their jobs easier. As a bonus, they not only have a happy Zoho CRM user who’s getting results, they have a champion who’s encouraging others to get on board.


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