How life science businesses can leverage data-driven marketing

In life science businesses of all sizes, marketing and sales teams are adopting CRM systems to obtain and retain customers, deliver a better customer experience, and gain valuable customer data that is changing businesses for good.

Marketing and sales efforts are being realigned to create more personalized and positive experiences that not only establish reliability but also increase advocacy among customers. Studies suggest that 59% of customers believe that the more companies knew about them, the better their experience was interacting with them.

CRM software can capture a significant amount of your customers’ data from a variety of sources. This data can be analyzed to derive useful insights, which can be crucial for making important business decisions. Your marketing and sales strategies can become much more effective when powered by the wealth of customer data you generate just through the regular course of business.

Here’s how data-driven marketing can help improve customer experience:

Get through to your customers
Let’s face it. Email is no longer the only platform that is actively used by medical professionals. Many social platforms are used by physicians and can be their favorite. In this case, you must follow their lead and reach out to them on their preferred platform. How? CRM software allows you to follow your customers’ social media behavior. In a single dashboard, you can view where you’re being talked about and participate in the conversation on any platform.
Using this data, you can target customers who have not responded to your emails and connect with them on platforms where they are active. Studies suggest that 75% of life science marketers agree that there is a lack of coordination between emails and other communication channels. Failing to take full advantage of all the platforms available not only impacts your customer reach but can also damage customer loyalty.

With Zoho CRM’s social and analytics functionalities, you can identify and analyze your audience, their behavioral pattern and communication preferences. You can also create reports and dashboards using different analytical components that are easy to use and understand. To learn more about Zoho CRM and its capabilities, click here.

Identify influencers, and let them speak for you
Influencers are public personalities whose opinions matter to a target niche audience. They have created a community for themselves based on trust. What they say about your brand or product could influence the minds of millions. In the life science industry, although their followings are likely smaller, online influencers still exist.

Your CRM collects a variety of data at multiple points, which if analyzed, can help you understand how your audience behaves, and what causes that behavior. You can use your social media data to identify the right influencers to reach your audience. Then, you can engage with them and ideally, have them comment on your content. You could also have them review your product or refer you to someone who would be interested in your product or service. Having an influencer speak for you can help you build credibility for your products and higher acceptance with customers.

Personalized messaging has its benefits
Targeted messaging has never been easier. With carefully analyzed data, life science marketers can have a better idea of what their customers’ interests are and how to position their content accordingly. Instead of keeping it generic, they can use content that is relevant to their customers’ specific interests. Content that is aimed at solving a problem that you know your target market deals with can improve the lead generation process and help you stay relevant.

For example, let’s say you attend a pharma conference and meet healthcare professionals and associates who share their business cards with you. You feed this information into your CRM and one week later, you begin sending out material that is related to one of the topics discussed at the convention that’s relevant to your business. You begin the content by providing value and end it by inviting your customers to visit your web page or a link to learn more about your product.

Personalized messaging can ensure you touch an emotional chord with your audience and foster positive engagement

Customers choose you for better service
The way your customers feel about your brand can define your position against your competitors. Studies suggest that 64% of life science marketers believe customer experience is the key competitive differentiating factor. Customers expect to have a smooth journey throughout the customer life cycle.

Well-analyzed customer data can help you create a well-connected customer journey. CRM software centralizes data from various sources that can tell you more about your customers (like their location, region, interests, behavior, and preferred channels) once it’s been analyzed, and facilitate one-to-one marketing that ensures customer loyalty and improves your customer relationships.

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