Deconstucting the D-Tools/Zoho CRM System – The D-Tools Lead Qualifying Engine

Introduction here. I changed the title of this series from Explaining the D-Tools Zoho CRM system to Deconstructing the D-Tools Zoho CRM System because I realized that as I was trying to explain it I was tearing it apart an re-configuring it as I was explaining it. Just the act of explaining it made me realize it could be improved. In fact that explains my silence for the past few weeks. I have been deep inside our system trying to make it more reliable, easier to use, easier to explain, more accurate and ultimately more productive for all the users.

In the previous Lead Management post I went over our Lead Status qualification rules and explained how we implemented a Pre Qualification score. So far this has been extremely helpful in allowing our SA’s to see which leads needed to be contacted first. Since more targeted marketing has already produced results I added a Pre-Qual score of “4-Great” indicating that the lead record includes a corporate email address, a professional website, a phone number and a Job Function. Again this allows our SA’s to focus on the most productive leads first.

Check it out, when a new lead comes into the system the SAM evaluates the lead, follows the path on the chart, fills in the missing information, gives it a Pre-Qual score and assigns the lead to an SA based on the territory.

At this point the discovery (not sales) process begins and all the SA has to do is create a custom view (see this post on custom list views) in Zoho with “their” leads sorted by date created and/or Pre Qual score and it is clear which leads need to be contacted first. The lead status is still unqualified but once the SA makes some sort of personal contact with the the lead the status is elevated to a Qualified C status. If the Lead fills out a Lead Worksheet it is upgraded to a Qualified B and if the Leads attends a webinar or installs the trial it is then it is upgraded to a Qualified A status. At that point it would be assigned to a SC if the lead expressed interest in moving forward.

Notice that during this process the lead elevates themselves by actually doing something each step of the way and each step requires a little more commitment? This process has a number of advantages. First of all we now have a common definition of each Lead Status. We know exactly where the lead is at and more importantly we know exactly what to do next. For example if a lead is at the Qualified C status we know that they have not filled out a lead worksheet. Using the Zoho mass email function we can easily and instantly create a targeted email to all of the Qualified C’s and attach a worksheet.

The bottom line is that we now have an easy to use, efficient and scalable process for getting through all of our leads and only engaging the leads that have expressed genuine interest. This is good for us and ultimatly it is good for our customers because we have now focused our presentation on THEIR needs and issues. In addition everything is documented each step of the way.

Also it needs to be mentioned that this process is only possible with a well designed and properly implemented CRM system. Don’t try this at home with Outlook, ACT or god forbid Oasis CRM.

Here is a pdf of the entire D-Tools Lead Qualifying Engine document that the screen shots above were taken from. Here is a copy of the D-Tools Lead worksheet mentioned above. The Lead Worksheet form is pretty interesting, it is a basic pdf form but what we did was use the interactive elements of Adobe Designer to create form with drop down pick lists. This makes it much easier for the end user to fill out and the choices match the choices in our CRM system.

Adam Stone is a Zoho CRM customer and CEO/Founder of D-Tools Software.

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