CRM is Not Just in Your CRM Application, It’s Everywhere

CRM doesn’t reside solely in your CRM application. It’s actually global with service participants being anyone that you can connect with online, not just official customer service representatives at a call center, explained Jesús Hoyos, Principal of CRM in Latin America, in our conversation at the CRM Evolution 2012 conference in New York City.

We’re undergoing a global impact of CRM where we’re not beholden to a specific call center to get an answer. Instead you can reach out to your neighbor who is someone on YouTube, on Twitter, on Facebook. Companies that have bad service but a good product can’t hide anymore, said Hoyos.

Hoyos relayed two personal stories. One of circumventing an auto dealership to save himself $600 from a defect in his Jeep Commander and another story of fixing a glitch for free on his Samsung TV. In both cases, he reached out online to the open web and found the answer through another user that had experienced the same issue as him.

Unlike my conversation with Brent Leary at the same conference, Hoyos has a different definition of the “Amazon effect” which he refers to as the best service is no service. By creating communities on their site around products, with comments and reviews, Amazon users are able to help other users from within the Amazon site, not the open web. Amazon in turn analyzes the data within their communities and makes decisions based on that data. Hoyos negates social consultants that tell you to be on traditional social channels.

“You don’t have to be on Facebook or Twitter. You have to be where the data of the customer transaction tells you where you have to be,” said Hoyos.

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