[Case Study] Pepperstone Financial uses Zoho CRM API for Optimizing Lead Conversions

“Pepperstone Financial uses the Insert API to integrate with Zoho CRM and has been very pleased with the results”, says Owen Kerr, Director of Pepperstone Financial.

The Zoho CRM API has proven useful to many of our customers – by helping them seamlessly integrate and transfer data between Zoho CRM and third-party applications. And when your CRM system is integrated with other business applications, managing customer information becomes a lot more simpler.

Here’s Pepperstone’s integration story.

Pepperstone Financial, an execution-only Forex brokerage firm, based in Melbourne, Australia, needed a way to reduce data entry and also automate their email marketing and lead tracking process…they found their answer in Zoho CRM.

Pepperstone’s IT team were looking at several CRM solutions including Salesforce, Sugar and Zoho.

Zoho was chosen hands down for its extensive features, pricing and API documentation.

How has

Zoho CRM
 helped Pepperstone?

Effectively this has saved us a great deal of time and energy in the processing of new customer applications.  This is priceless to such a fast growing company.

We have also used the Zoho autoresponders to completely automate the marketing follow-up process freeing up our sales team.

Read the complete case study


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