3 Habits Guaranteed to Transform an Ordinary Sales Person into a Trusted Advisor

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We’ve all experienced a salesperson who acts a little too…desperate at times. The one who follows you around the store suggesting you try on those shoes or that blouse. The one who gives you too much attention. The one you just don’t trust. THAT is the salesperson we aren’t going to talk about here. That’s because we want you to be the opposite of that salesperson. We want you to be the salesperson who make a difference to your clients.

If you’ve just started your first job as a sales representative, chances are you’ve come across other sales people or senior sales managers who close deals without breaking  a sweat. In fact, it looks like clients just give them business, no questions asked. How do they do that?

In simple terms, he or/she has entered the status of a trusted advisor.

So, how can you become one?

Before you can become a trusted advisor, you should first understand what it means and more importantly what it does not mean.

Becoming a “trusted advisor” and earning the TRUST from your potential customers means you become someone they rely on for information related to your product or service.

You don’t become a trusted advisor just because you work for a trusted brand. You don’t become a trusted advisor to one client automatically because you are one to another. In fact, showing what you’ve done for others will only open a gateway for them to consider your proposal.

The rule is simple —-With every client, you start fresh. Let’s start by cultivating these 3 habits into your work-life to gain that status. One word of caution before venturing into these habits; Don’t be annoyingly attentive. It does the opposite. It is not a good experience to deal with such sales people.

Follow the 1:11 Rule:

In a client’s mind, it takes 11 positive events to overcome one  negative event. Simply put, you have to start building positive points in every possible situation. Perform and deliver every time. From showing up on time to doing what is expected of you. Remember, every time you deliver, you gain points.  Just one at a time. But, when you fail, you lose 11 at a time.

Create a Client Touch Point Map and Be Prepared:

Customer loyalty goes beyond the features of your product or service. With so much competition from other companies that provide similar, or in some cases better products and services, every touch point with a customer is critical. Create a touch point map and be prepared to meet the requirements. It is crucial to be attentive to your client’s needs. If there is a long gap between the meeting, fill this time by sharing blog posts or other useful content that isn’t related to your product or service, but will still interest them. Stay in touch and never fade into the background.

Be Proactive:

Being proactive starts with being informed. Make sure you know what you are talking about when talking with your client. Read everything you can about your industry or space so you can start to anticipate questions your customers have before they ask. Most importantly, build credibility and authority on the subject matter. Write your own blog posts, comment or answer relevant questions in professional groups like LinkedIn and share this content  with your clients. That way you can show your clients that you are reputable. And remember, these things don’t take place overnight. You build expertise slowly and steadily.

As a new salesperson, don’t push too far, too early. Take one step at a time and earn your customer’s trust. If you do this religiously, you will positively set yourself apart from most sales people and eventually transform yourself from ordinary salesperson to a trusted advisor.





2 Replies to 3 Habits Guaranteed to Transform an Ordinary Sales Person into a Trusted Advisor

  1. Hi Vaishnavi, First of all – great article. I really like the sentence about starting with every new prospect step by step from the beginning. We should really focus on an individual approach to each one of our clients separately. I couldn't agree more with the third point, 'Be proactive'. We need to be well-informed so we can answer each question even before our prospect or client asks. We need to be up to date with their expectations and needs. We can also show our customers that we have valuable knowledge by sharing it on our blog or social media profile. Because that's how we – as you wrote – build our credibility and authority. Nicely done!

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