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It is that time of the year to thank all you wonderful customers for your patronage. We see this as the end of yet another great year of togetherness. Carrying forward the faith into the year to come, here is wishing all Zoho users and others too, a very joyous season.
As for our customary application for this week, festive spirit is in the air and everyone is coming up with new ways of celebrating. I didn’t want to ruin the mood for you with a utility-packed application. Instead, it seemed a good idea to showcase creativity. At Zoho Creator, we worship creativity. There are plenty of people out there with a wild thing for creativity; Passionate about it to the core. They are those who contribute new ideas, initiate changes and readily collaborate to create a better story, out of whatever they have at hand. Bending your mind around corners is all what getting creative is about. That is also just what creating custom applications / creative applications is all about.
Twitter being one of the fastest and wide-spread means of getting to know of a product or service, we decided to flaunt our favorite tweets on our home page. We could have used the default badges and widgets provided by Twitter, but how could we just settle for that? Not with Zoho Creator at hand. We did try out something new with Zoho Creator. It is an application to fetch our favorite tweets, save them on a view, and embed the view on our home page. Twitter provides an API to fetch our favorite tweets from our twitter account. We had Zoho Creator’s HTML view to embed on our website. But we found the intermediate part to be more interesting; Creating a custom schedule to fetch the latest ones from twitter, automatically.
It was done and all was well. All pains were to cater to our thing for creativity. Other than this, the twitter application has no brainstorming complexity or never-heard-of sophistication. It is the simple idea that makes this application so unique. Just as simple things in life go on to be the best ones. If it will inspire you to put on your thinking caps, try it by all means. And in honor of the seasonal spirit of giving, tell us what your App story is!

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