Zoho Creator - Script integration on a more micro level

Noticed the ‘D’ icon next to every field in the ‘Edit GUI’ mode of Zoho Creator? Deluge, the script language of Zoho Creator is now more integrated into the GUI mode itself. Previously, the only way to include scripts was to click on the ‘Edit Script’ link. (you can ease this a bit by having separate browser tabs for ‘Edit GUI’ and ‘Edit Script’ views). Now, clicking on the ‘D’ icon allows you to write “on change action” scripts associated with a specific field alone.

You can write the “on submit” and “on success” action scripts by clicking on the “Form Actions’ link present at the bottom of the form. You can also create formula fields now in the “Edit GUI” mode itself by selecting the field type as “Formula” while adding a new field. All these give you more control & ease over what you want your application to do.

To know more about the scripting language integration in Zoho Creator, click here & here.


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