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With each passing day, our users continue to take us by surprise.While the geeky users churn out marvel apps one after the other, the novice ones charm us with their brilliant daily usage apps.And while we are doing everything we can and trying hard to live up to their expectations, it’s mentions like these that warm our hearts.

Sharon Machlis, from Computerworld, an avid Zoho Creator user herself, in an article suggesting the best web based applications that can be used for the holiday season ahead, talks about Zoho Creator:

 My gift list is also moving to an online database. The plan is to tag people by holiday and location, so it’ll be easy to see which gifts need to be purchased and shipped by what dates. That’s still in the works, which will give me something to put on my Basecamp holiday to-do list for the Thanksgiving weekend.

I’m putting it all in a Zoho Creator database, the same app we use here at Computerworld for our database of product reviews. I could keep it all in an online spreadsheet, but the database offers additional flexibility for searching, sorting and filtering by multiple criteria.

I also like Zoho for its ease of development (drag-and-drop form creation, for instance); plus, you can export your data in multiple formats, and it runs on mobile devices. I expect mobile access to be useful not only for when I’m out at the stores trying to remember what to buy, but also throughout the coming year, since I jot down gift ideas whenever they come to me, not just in autumn.

A free Zoho Creator account will give you two users (you and someone else), three apps and up to 1,000 records, which should be plenty for most people’s personal card and gift lists.

You can also read the complete article here.

Another user, Corinne Weisgerber, a professor and a researcher, has used a presentation to showcase how she has used Zoho Creator to create a Social Learning Environment. A very detailed presentation which describes how to go about creating a form to collect the required data and how to embed it in the required web page.

And then, there is Ben Suggitt, a student from Teesside University, who attended a lecture about Zoho Creator and was so fascinated about it,that he had to talk about it  in his blog.

 The advantage of using Zoho Creator is that it already had all the layout, templates and colour schemes built into the online system, therefore creating the basics and also a professionally styled interface is very easy.

As mentioned earlier, today was the first time I have used Zoho, and it looks like quite a basic application to use, apart from having to create/edit code. If I need to create a simple database that isnt based for a large professional company, then I may use Zoho Creator to store the data inside this application, although due to my knowledge of using Microsoft Access, I still think I will use this piece of software, due to the professional features that can be incorporated – although saying that Zoho Creator impressed me vastly today due its simpleness and easiness for creating a basic database system.

All of these features should be useful for me to create a simple but effective database, which meets a high standard.

You can read the complete post here.

Thank you all and keep them coming! And oh.. if you’ve got a story to share, let us know. We’re listening!

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