Zoho Creator had been to salon…

…to get a more polished look for few screens and enhance the user experience.

Polished Screens:

1.Create application window.
With our earlier design (tabbed style), users where unable spot different ways of creating application quickly. A user even asked us whether he can create application by loading his spreadsheet, when Zoho Creator was supporting it already. Pretty sad, UI was not 100% obvious.

So we decided to get away with the tabbed style and opted for window split style.

The create application window is split into two – Left and Right. Left pane has different ways of creating an application (from scratch, from template, by importing xls file and by writing Deluge script) and the right pane has the required input fields.

With the new design you can identify different ways of creating an application easily, by its unique and colorful icons. You can also make your application as private or leave it as public in this screen.

2. ‘Getting Started’ screen.
We have added ‘Getting Started’ screen in the edit mode of the application. I am sure this will be handy for the first time users.

This screen has 4 very useful pointers on how to proceed with your application.

When the whole world is going gaga over Zidane’s clean shaved head (no not his head butt!), Zoho Creator Views has also opted for clean, well organized head.

  • Filters, Add, Delete, Search Records and pagination – aligned left
    When applications has many columns, it was difficult to access pagination and search records (which was at right extreme of the view header, earlier).

  • Now you can easily toggle between display types – List View, Summary View or Calendar View.
  • More Actions – Embed this view in your site, Export data, Column Display/Rearrange.
    (‘Export Data’ has undergone significant changes, I will post a separate blog on it.)

  • Alternate row colors for better readability.

Days are not far away when edit user interface also gets a complete make over. So stay tuned!



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