Zoho Creator - Coming Soon

To create an web application, dependancy rate on a tech guy is 100%.
Now consider its 0%. What would you do?

a) Ain’t gonna believe this
b) Go on a long vacation (if you’re a techie)
c) Jump out of Joy.

Yep thats what Zoho Creator is all about. Create and share web applications on your own, effortlessly.

Introducing Zoho Creator
Zoho Creator is a free online service to create lightweight applications for your individual needs and tastes like- Contact List, Dating or a Feedback application… to name a few. Its isn’t about coding, its all about WYSIWYG clicks.

Why Zoho Creator?
We always build products that we need, and over the years we found that we really needed a tool to create small and medium applications easily without depending on a techie. Even Roughic (yeah thats me) who dunno a,b,c,d of coding should be able to build an application without fuss.

1) An account with Zoho Creator
2) Familiar _f_i_l_l_i_n_g_ online forms
3) A mouse in working condition.

We will be at your service soon, Drop a mail to- info[at]zohocreator[dot]com for more info.

Watch this space for more updates, Thanks for visting us.


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