Your Form’ve Got Mail!

Definitely this is not a sequel to Tom Hanks starrer ‘You’ve Got Mail’ :), but another useful feature updated at Zoho Creator last week. Now whenever you’ve got data in your hand, you can add it directly to the Form through email. This saves your time logging into Zoho Creator.

All you have to do is to click ‘Import Data’ link on the Form header, choose ‘By Email’ option and follow the instructions.

I have created an application called ‘Your Say‘. Try adding data to this application by email and see how it works. Please follow the instructions.

Step1: Copy this email template-

Your Name :
Feature you wanted in ZohoCreator :
Recommend ZohoCreator to others?(Yes/No) :
Your Say :

Step2: Fill in values next to corresponding label names. For eg- Your Name: John

Step3: Email the filled data to:

You can see the entered data here-

Note: You can also import data from a .xls or csv file to the Form.

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