Just In : Subforms in Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator makes building on-the-fly business apps a breeze. And today it gets even better: Introducing subforms!

Zoho Creator users are familiar with the many fields you can include on a form. For example, we’ve had a Look Up field for a while. Lookup fields are useful when you want to associate data in one form with a single piece of data in another form.
But what happens if you want to associate one record in a form with multiple records in another form? For example, what if you have an application of students and you want to keep track of the classes they are taking? Students will be attending more than one course. That’s when subforms become very useful.
 Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 11.34.13 AM
In this case, you can create a form that holds the student’s general details (i.e Name, ID number, etc), and another form that holds the course details (Course Name, Instructor, etc). Then, while on the parent form (the form that holds the student details) you’ll insert a subform field, and you can choose to insert the course details – and thus that will become the child form. Using the subform field, you’ll give the user the ability to create multiple courses for each student. Here’s a quick video that explains how to add subforms to your application.
Any new feature in Zoho Creator, comes with some Deluge Power to it. Subforms are scriptable too. When you build your app, you can add workflows and business rules to the parent form and to the subform. The subform itself is listed among the fields in the script builder. In addition, “On Add Row” and “On Delete Row” are 2 new events meant specifically for subforms. These tasks can be executed when a child record is added to or deleted from the subform.

We would love to hear what you think of this latest addition to Zoho Creator.

5 Replies to Just In : Subforms in Zoho Creator

  1. We sure do have plans on enhancing the style and appearance of subforms. We'd like to take your specific requirements and suggestions into consideration. It would help to know if you tried to embed a form or a view on your website. Could you please write to support@zohocreator.com on your requirements in detail?

  2. Nice feature but not really useable for websiteintegration. All fields in the subform are show in a row f.e. i have a website with maximum 900px in content width but my subform has 6 fields displayed in a row. The subform uses round about 1200px in width.
    My research didn't get me a solution to style these subforms or change the behaviour how the fields are displayed (well I saw quite a few people with the same problem).Are there any plans to itegrate some styling features for subforms?

  3. Nice feature but not intuitive in the slightest. I drag and dropped it into a form I created and the records in the subform do not refresh automatically when I add a new row. When ever I pick a name from the parent form, the child forms entries does not automaticall update. You need to script in deluge just to get that functionality to work. I am not happy in the slightest with Zoho right now

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