“I use Zoho Creator”

We folks would love to hear this more than anything else from users. There’s a priceless level of satisfaction that comes to a developer when a feature( he developed) is being used to a great effect and to a user interface designer when his designs are liked best. Ah…could not ask for more!

I am not posting a good-feeling testimonial of Zoho Creator, but just wanted to hint you on how we are banking on – ‘THE USERS’ to spread the word of Zoho Creator. Truly as Andrew is surprised Zoho Creator hasn’t really been talked about much by the bloggers so far, barring few. But to our delight, rate of applications created each day and the kind of comments we receive through our support is just overwhelming.

Needless to say, to get to this level we didn’t have any fan-fare beta launch, nor any road shows and not even iPod give aways, instead we kept on adding features demanded by users (it continues till now) and help them carefully when they are struck while using the service.

So to make way for the happy users to spread the word, we have displayed “I use Zoho Creator” logo at the bottom of the Form and View. You can see this logo only when you embed Form and View in your website/blog.

Introducing a good useful thing to a close friend is worth than getting free goodies. Agree? So, would you mind spreading the word?



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