Break Free Alliance manage their information repository using Zoho Creator: A success story

Break Free Alliance is a program of the Health Education Council, and is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They are using Zoho Creator for their online data collection, sharing and collaboration needs. Lisa Houston, the Program Administrator of Break Free Alliance was more than happy to explain how Zoho Creator was deployed for their requirements. Even if not directly, we are extremely privileged to be associated with this healthy initiative.

Disadvantaged populations are the ones suffering the most from tobacco-related diseases. The primary motive of Break Free Alliance is to ensure that every person has access to tobacco education resources, cessation support and prevention programs, regardless of education level, income or occupation. They do this with the help of states, national organizations, researchers, community-based agencies, medical experts and volunteers, who help advocate policies and programs that help the poor quit tobacco and prevent youth from starting.

Their repository of endless information was previously maintained in hardbound files on their computers. Some were essential to program-organizers and some were needed by participants, so user role-based sharing had to be implemented, keeping it accessible at the same time.

“Before, whenever people asked for contact information and resources, I
would have to ask a staff person to search through files in order to
send them the information. I was not aware of web-based applications for
this kind of data management then.” – Lisa Houston

Lisa embedded all the required information on their website, which made it much easier to direct users to the repository than looking around for the information in their files. They like it that Zoho Creator is easily searchable. Lisa had built all four applications by herself, of which three are embedded on their website. She appreciated our support team too, saying I
got some great support from Zoho Creator. Whenever I couldn’t figure
something out myself, Zoho staff got back to me right away.

She had seen Zoho Creator being embedded on the website of The National Latino Tobacco Control Network, yet another national network like Break Free Alliance. Both their requirements were similar, so she considered trying Zoho Creator. They ended up liking it. Well, we couldn’t be happier.

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