Customer Spotlight: Adviso manages its end-to-end business process with Zoho Creator

Jean-François Renaud and Simon Lamarche, co-founded Adviso, a digital consulting firm. Established over 10 years ago in Montréal, Canada, Adviso helps their clients manage digital assets such as campaigns, websites, and data projects.


The Challenge

Initially, Adviso used spreadsheets to manage their client projects and track day-to-day operational data. But as their client portfolio grew, Jean-François and Simon had to make a software decision in order to efficiently run their business.

“Choosing a software to run your business is a tough ask,” Jean-François says. “It’s like choosing a partner for your business. You’re going interact with it, invest in the tool for many years to come. Making a bad decision can be catastrophic. It can kill your business.”

Finding the Right Solution

In their efforts to find the right solution for their business, Simon and Jean-François looked from ERP tools to open-source frameworks.

“ERP tools were pre-made, and your business processes had to adjust to them,” Jean-François says of the software’s inflexibility. At the other end of the spectrum, open frameworks offered a paradox of choice. “You can do almost everything with frameworks, but there’s also a danger because you don’t know where it stops and where it starts.”

The search for a solution, that provided Adviso with enough flexibility to build applications in a database framework, ended with Zoho Creator.

“I think the big difference with Zoho Creator versus the other applications is that it’s customizable.,” says Jean-François.

Implementing Zoho Creator

Simon and Jean-François were impressed with the flexibility offered by Zoho Creator, which enabled them to create applications specific to client requirements.

“With Zoho Creator, it’s more like a predefined playground in which you can be agile, faster,” Jean-François says. “Earlier, it used to be like, we can do that but probably in 3 months. Now, it’s like we can do it and I can show you something in a week. We can fine tune it in another week and in 3 weeks you’re going to be a happy camper, and get exactly what you’re looking for.”

Zoho Creator not only fulfilled Adviso’s customization requirements, it also helped them quickly set up their clients’ solutions.

Moreover, Zoho Creator’s seamless integration with other Zoho products solved Adviso’s long-standing problem of sending real-time surveys and reports to its clients.

“Before having Zoho Creator, it was impossible for us to add real-time surveys just after the project was finished,” Simon says. “Now we have integrated our customer surveys directly into Zoho Analytics with automation. So, when a project is finished, a survey is automatically sent to the client. It’s comprehensive, and the data goes exactly where it belongs in the project.”

Ready to use Zoho Creator?

Adviso manages its clients’ needs with custom applications in Zoho Creator, and they are happy when they talk about the software decision:

“You realize it a little bit every day, every month that it’s a good choice you made. And you also realize it when you’re not complaining constantly, and you’re not thinking about changing it all the time.”

Are you ready to transform your business like Adviso? Give Zoho Creator a try.


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