Creating Charts in Zoho Creator using Zoho Sheet API

Zoho Creator charting functionality helps you to quickly and easily analyze data in a visual format using a variety of graph types. To create charts with data from multiple ZC forms or to display grouped data, you can use the chart API supported by Zoho Sheet. The  Sample Application named “Student Management
demonstrates this functionality. In this application, we have defined a
function called “getChartUrl” (you can see the function used in the
application under the Script -> Functions tab in edit mode), using which the required data is dynamically submitted  to Zoho Sheet API, which creates the required chart as an image.

About the application

The Student Management application comprises of the following forms :

  • Student Form to enter the name of the students and the country they belong to.
  • Course Form to enter the name of the courses offered.
  • Student Course Form to enter the course details enrolled by each student. 

The Country Chart view  displays a 3D Bar Chart
which depicts the total number of students enrolled in each course for
the selected country, as shown in the image below.  The bar chart is
created by passing the required data as parameters to the Zoho Sheet
chart API.

To learn about the steps in creating a chart in Zoho Creator using the Zoho Sheet API, refer this Wiki Page.
Creating charts using Zoho Sheet API


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