Introducing Zoho Connect's Ultimate Edition: An enterprise intranet that transforms employee engagement and work culture

Here at Zoho, we know our employees are our most important assets. Today, we’re an organization of more than ten thousand people, working across the globe from cities and rural towns. Despite having a large, distributed workforce, our virtual, all-encompassing intranet keeps us connected—not just with the teams we work with, but also with leadership, those who share similar interests, new hires, and with the company’s values and vision.

As companies grow, this connection becomes crucial. Simply relying on email or conventional collaboration software may not be enough to allow larger organizations to function as a cohesive unit.

Whether it’s giving colleagues a shout out for the wonderful work they do, brainstorming new ideas, keeping tabs on projects and tasks, or making information easily accessible, this new edition of Connect has been crafted to create pleasant, engaging, and inclusive experiences for employees at every organization. After all, employees do their best when they’re happy.

 Zoho Connect is a platform that empowers employees, emphasizes their contribution and feedback, and expands their knowledge, all while keeping them productive and bringing your enterprise closer to achieving its vision.

Here’s how this edition can help your organization:

Develop a culture of appreciation and gratitude

Celebrate each other by awarding badges through Connect’s peer-to-peer recognition options. Thoughtful gestures—like a “thank you” badge to a colleague who helped you with an important presentation, or a token of acknowledgment to someone who has been performing well—can make anyone’s day. When all employees are made to feel at home, it’s easier to attract and retain talent, and this in turn fuels innovation and creativity.

Improve transparency and accessibility of information

With a fully customizable dashboard, you can ensure all necessary information—from announcements and events to schedules—is at every employee’s fingertips. An array of built-in widgets can help you create a robust information architecture within your company.
For example, you can add a featured Manuals widget to put a spotlight on handbooks and guides that are relevant to all employees, or create a countdown timer to build enthusiasm during the lead up to an important launch. You could also create a My Tasks widget that gives individual employees a checklist of items to work on, a Quick Links widget that shows important tools and services that employees need, or even an internal help desk link to help improve response times.

Employee communication without barriers

Reach employees at the right time, regardless of their shifts or time zones, by scheduling your posts. Mark important announcements as mandatory reads so no one misses critical information. Build transparency by creating a chart of your organization’s workforce within Connect so employees can reach out to the relevant people when necessary.

Foster innovation with idea sharing

Tap into the collective potential of your organization through a dedicated idea-sharing module. Encouraging ideas from all directions is a great way to drive creative solutions from within your organization.
Keep better track of shared ideas by categorizing them and assigning a status. You can also collect contextual feedback with Connect’s votes and comments functions.

Improve brand visibility by turning employees into ambassadors

Elevate your organization’s image by transforming your employees into ambassadors for your company’s values. Amplify your internal or brand content wherever relevant by allowing employees to share posts on their social channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.
For instance, when your company wins an award, spread the word and improve your brand image by enabling your employees to share content you create highlighting the organization’s achievements to their social media accounts.

Ensure better productivity through automation

Create trigger-based rules for modules based on specific actions. You can save time on routine actions, such as adding tasks, creating events, and making posts.
Similarly, you can configure Schedulers to repeat actions at daily, weekly, or monthly intervals. For example, you can access a daily list of open tickets from your ticketing system and post them in a Connect Group, or share a weekly or daily update on how your webpage is performing.

Simplify intranet governance and management

Through the Dynamic Group Membership option, you can automate adding members to Groups and Boards. You can use this option to automatically add users with a specific designation to the appropriate group—such as adding managers to the leadership group.

Decentralize the management of your enterprise intranet by combining a set of permissions to grant individuals the ability to manage specific areas of your network. For example, you can create a “Knowledge Manager” role and assign it to members who should be responsible for curating, writing, and publishing guides, handbooks, or any other information through Connect’s Manuals.

 We’re excited to get the word out about the new enterprise edition of Zoho Connect.
Let us know what you think in the comments below, or send us a message at Ask us a question or just say hi—we’d love to hear from you.




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