Introducing Zoho Cliq's brand new integration with Zapier

With the rise of the API-driven market, the way that people and apps interact with each other has seen a radical shift. In the context of businesses, the way we work and collaborate with our teams has evolved as well—and automation has been at the forefront of this change.

In a regular workday, how much time and energy do you spend on follow-ups, checking your email, updating tickets, and managing events and tasks? Now, what if the apps you use regularly were to interact with each other, process data and services automatically, and keep you and your team in the loop?

Say you're a marketer who splits their time between creating survey reports, setting up email campaigns, and managing social media posts, among other things. What if you could connect your regularly used apps to streamline your workflow? You could get the right data to the right set of people, without breaking a sweat. In other words, this app ecosystem would be saving you from all those mundane, little tasks that have been eating away at your productive hours.

Introducing Cliq + Zapier

With Zoho Cliq's new integration with Zapier, you're well on your way to accomplishing this—in just a few zaps! You can create custom Zaps that connect your favorite apps, even if they don't have pre-built integrations with each other. Zapier connects over 1000 web apps together. You can integrate Cliq with any of these apps, to save time and streamline your work processes. Take a look at the endless possibilities this opens up here.

For your workplace communication, this would imply fewer email threads, more productive hours, and a team that's more engaged and connected.

What's in a Zap?

A Zap is an integration between two apps. Your workflow can be compressed in a single Zap, regardless of the number of tasks involved. For example, you regularly publish blogs on Wordpress, and want to be notified when readers comment on them. By integrating Wordpress and Cliq in a Zap, you'll receive Wordpress notifications regarding blog comments, right in your Cliq window. Setting up the Zap will trigger an action. In this case, the action that's triggered is notifications from Wordpress, within your Cliq window.

Cliq + Zapier in action

Once you've installed the Zapier integration for Cliq, you can:

  1. Set up channel notifications

With this Zap, between Cliq and Zendesk, receive channel updates every time a new support ticket is created.

 2. Broadcast bot notifications

With this Zap, between Cliq and Trello, broadcast bot messages for new Trello cards.

3. Send automated messages to any user or team in your organization

With this Zap, between Cliq and JIRA, you can set up automated direct messages to your colleague or team, when there are updates regarding a specific JIRA issue.

4. Create multi-step Zaps

You can also set up a single trigger that can kick off multiple searches and actions. Once you've set up your preferred trigger and actions, they'll run in the background, so you can tend to other things that require your full attention.

For instance, when you receive mail from a prospective customer, this Zap will automatically search for contact details in your Zoho CRM, and you'll receive a Cliq notification regarding the lead status.

How much code do I need to know?

Zero, that's the whole point.

An efficient Zap is one that does your work for you, in the least number of steps possible. All you need to do is choose the app, trigger, and preferred action. Leave the back-end operations to Zapier.

Head on over to this page to create your first Zap. If you're new to Cliq, you can sign up here. We're always looking for feedback, so feel free to leave a comment below, or shoot us an email at support[at]


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  1. Good to know Sneha! I am on your site daily; saving many of my links there to eBooks and such, for one stop copying and pasting LOL ;) Ryan

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