How Zoho Cliq cultivates an inclusive and creative workplace

Traditional communication methods, like memos and formal meetings, have their value, but they can sometimes put a lid on creative sparks and keep important ideas from being heard. For instance, a formal meeting agenda might prioritize predetermined topics, leaving little room for innovative discussions or unexpected insights, unlike spontaneous communication. This is where Zoho Cliq enters the picture, altering the game as a catalyst for influencing corporate culture in addition to serving as a messaging platform. From interns to CEOs, Zoho Cliq ensures everyone's opinion is heard by encouraging open communication and teamwork. It's not only about sharing messages; it's also about tearing down walls and creating a dynamic, engaged work environment.

Organizations that adopt tools promoting such openness will significantly boost employee satisfaction. Users are not just equipped to chat; they're empowered to innovate and connect on all levels with Zoho Cliq.

92% of workers believe working in a company with a solid and positive organizational culture increases job satisfaction, whereas 74% of professionals feel that companies prioritizing inclusion have higher levels of employee satisfaction. 

Democratizing communication

Conventional means of communication in the modern workplace, such as formal emails and planned meetings, often limit the flow of ideas and collaboration. It may be due to reasons like rigid formalities, delays in communication, and hierarchical barriers. Zoho Cliq changes this landscape by democratizing communication, empowering every employee to voice their thoughts and contribute without the constraints of hierarchy or schedule.

It opens up communication across all levels of an organization, making it easy for employees to share insights and ideas instantaneously. Through direct messages, group chats, or shared channels, Zoho Cliq integrates seamlessly into the daily workflow, ensuring no idea goes unheard and collaboration is just a click away.

Many Cliq users, including Zoho's internal users, feel that the planning processes have became more inclusive and that the platform spurs cross-department collaboration.

By breaking down the formal communication barriers, Zoho Cliq has enabled organizations to foster a culture of open innovation. The platform's ability to integrate with various productivity tools also means that ideas can quickly go from conception to action, further accelerating innovation and driving business success.

Enabling comfortable communication

Due to introversion or anxiety, which can make verbal communication in a live group situation daunting, some employees prefer writing over speaking in meetings. These individuals often find that writing allows them to think through their responses, articulate their thoughts more clearly, and manage the stress associated with spontaneous public speaking.

"There is zero correlation between being the best talker and having the best ideas." — Susan Cain, American writer and lecturer

Zoho Cliq’s various channels of textual communication cater effectively to this need by providing a less daunting space for communication.

For example, in a Cliq channel, an introverted employee might feel more comfortable contributing ideas during a brainstorming session. Unlike in a formal meeting, where they might hesitate to speak up, fearing interruption or judgment, they can take their time and participate more actively and confidently. This format boosts their comfort and engagement and enriches the discussion with diverse viewpoints that might not surface in a traditional meeting setting.

Maximizing efficiency through casual communication

Meetings are much needed, but research indicates that excessive meetings can be counterproductive, with studies showing that the average employee spends around 31 hours per month in unproductive meetings. Platforms like Zoho Cliq streamline interactions by offering a secure space for instant, casual communication, reducing the need for lengthy face-to-face or online meetings. With features like real-time messaging, file sharing, and integration with project management tools and others, Zoho Cliq enables teams to efficiently collaborate, exchange ideas, and make decisions on the go.

Reducing formality frees up employees to concentrate on implementing ideas rather than merely discussing them. Higher productivity and better completion of tasks are the result of this.

Fostering inclusivity across borders

Zoho Cliq's advantages, such as its automated translations for multilingual teams, are essential for overcoming language barriers in multinational corporations.

Zoho Cliq enhances communication across languages, helping teams spread across different regions work together more effectively. Many multinational corporations find that Cliq removes communication barriers, improves interactions, and supports an inclusive work environment.

"Since we work across different time zones and countries, Cliq is our only way to communicate with each other and be productive."  — Vannilyn Monica Perez, Customer Service Representative, LabMinds Staffing & Recruiting

"Zoho Cliq helps for fast collaboration and instant communication between team members as we have team members distributed across the globe."  — Daryl Lee J Y, Senior Marketing Executive, Hashtaqs Pte Ltd

Revolutionizing business communication with Zoho Cliq

Zoho Cliq helps reshape company communications into a more creative, inclusive, and efficient process. It fosters a cultural transition towards a more dynamic and collaborative office environment beyond just standard technology enhancements. By breaking down linguistic and cultural barriers, enhancing real-time collaboration, and integrating seamlessly with existing tools, Zoho Cliq encourages businesses to rethink their communication strategies profoundly.

Companies can leverage the power of Zoho Cliq not just to enhance their operational capabilities but to cultivate an engaging, inclusive, and innovative organizational culture, too. This approach not only refines communication—it revolutionizes it, setting a new standard for what business interactions can achieve.


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