16 things that make Zoho Cliq a great alternative to Microsoft Teams Free


Microsoft Teams (Microsoft Teams) is doing away with the current free version, and businesses will not be able to retain their organization's data if they do not switch to a premium version. Although an alternative free version will be available to customers after April 12, 2023, data migration from the current free version to the alternative one will not be possible. This has caused a stir and left businesses running on the Microsoft Teams Free at a loss. Based on the Microsoft Teams pricing, some companies running on a shoestring budget might not be able to afford to upgrade. So, if you are one of the organizations looking for an alternative to your free Microsoft Teams, here's why you should try out Zoho Cliq.

1. A comprehensive free version

Zoho Cliq offers a free version that includes audio and video meetings, call recording, channels, searchable messages, file storage of 100 GB per organization, integrations with third-party apps, and more. Any small business can make the most of the free version of Zoho Cliq by signing up today and start communicating efficiently. 

2. User-friendly interface

Say goodbye to clunky interfaces and embrace the simple yet intuitive user interface that Cliq offers. Use the multi-chat view to actively collaborate in conversations with more than one person at the same time. 


3. Highly cost-effective

Cut down on operational costs with a resourceful tool that provides better value for money. Even if you opt for the paid version of Cliq to get your hands on all the premium features, you would be saving two-thirds of the money when compared to the paid version of Microsoft Teams.

4. Better notification management

Get better control over your notifications and manage alerts in Zoho Cliq. You can also configure different sounds based on the message type—channel messages, one-to-one chats, @mentions, and more. 


5. Android TV app for meetings

Turn your smart TV into a Cliq meeting hub with the Zoho Cliq app for Android TV. You can start your scheduled meetings or join ongoing meetings right from your TV at home, and collaborate with your teammates at the office. 


6. Cliq bar across Zoho apps

Maintain continuity without losing context. The Cliq bar across Zoho apps helps you keep your conversations going, even when you aren't looking at Cliq. This way, you never miss a message notification. 


7. Multi-team channels to bring different teams together

Quite often, there’s a need to collaborate with other teams in the organization. To make communication easy, you can create multi-team channels in Cliq and onboard members from different teams. 


8. Role-based and IP-based access to ensure data security

With the role-based permissions in Cliq, you can enable specific users to access important actions, like deleting a channel. To protect your organization’s account, you can restrict access to specific IP addresses.


9. Highly customizable interface

Zoho Cliq provides organizations with various options to make Cliq their own. You can enable or disable modules for your entire organization, add your company logo, choose a custom domain, and create custom emojis and stickers to make conversations more fun. 


10. Consumes less storage space

Run smooth meetings without having to worry about your disk space in Zoho Cliq. Be it the web app or the desktop app, you can rest assured it won't slow down your computer. 

11. Works well on low bandwidth

Off to the Himalayas? Hiking through a forest? No worries. Cliq's calls and meetings work seamlessly even on low bandwidth. So you don't have to postpone an important meeting, even if your connectivity is below average. 

12. Seamless external collaboration

Collaborating with people outside your organization doesn't need to be complex. In an effort to simplify collaboration with external stakeholders, Zoho Cliq launched Networks. You can create networks for multiple streams like partners, vendors, and contract employees and collaborate with them round the clock. 

13. Integration with other communication platforms

A platform that integrates well with external apps outdoes most standalone apps without integrations. Zoho Cliq offers ready-made integrations using extensions with multiple Zoho Apps, WhatsApp, Zendesk, Zapier, Asana, HubSpot, and more to help you manage information better. 

14. Built for all kinds of businesses

Cliq's features and admin capabilities are modeled to fit the needs of all kinds of businesses—irrespective of the size and the market. Be it a software start up or a multinational restaurant chain, you can use Cliq effectively to collaborate. 

15. Support across devices

Zoho Cliq is available on Android, iOS, iPadOS, WearOS, WatchOS, CarPlay, Android Auto, and Android TV. In addition to the web version, Zoho Cliq is available for desktop on MacOS, Linux, and Windows. This makes it easier to access Cliq from anywhere, giving you the flexibility to get work done even when you are on the move. 

16. Easy migration

It's easy to migrate to Zoho Cliq. If you are already using Microsoft Teams and you'd like to migrate all your organization's data to Cliq, you can reach out to support@zohocliq.com to get started. In just about a day's time, you can get your organization up and running. 

Give Zoho Cliq a try by signing up for the free version today and explore our latest features. 

You could also upgrade to our premium version at any point to make the most of Cliq.

Still looking for more details on how Microsoft Teams and Zoho Cliq fare against each other? Check out the complete feature comparison table


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