The Six Elements of Employee Motivation

Workplace pressure can make a person cringe, regardless of what their job is, and low motivation for one's work makes that impact much worse. If an organisation were to lose one of its important employees due to the lack of motivation, it could take a long time—sometimes even years—to fill that position with another employee matching their caliber. Organisations should motivate their employees, which will let them work contentedly for years to come.

 Below are six essential ideas that an organisation can incorporate to keep its employees motivated.

1. Communication is the key

Communicating with employees is a simple way to bring in motivation. Opening up a pleasant dialogue makes employees feel valued as people and lets them know there's someone in the organisation they can approach with questions or concerns. Making important information clear and encouraging employees to ask questions clears up misconceptions, so everyone is on the same page. Supporting opportunities for employees to talk with each other and their managers can go a long way towards nurturing a happy and productive workplace.

2. Show your appreciation

Recognition comes with dedication

Every employee working at a firm wishes to be recognised, no matter their field or level of experience. Simple gestures of appreciation can make someone's day and will keep them motivated. Appreciation can mean anything from a simple high-five to verbal praise for a job well done, or anything that uplifts an employee's confidence and keeps them moving forward. It is always observed that people given recognition tend to push even harder than those who are deprived of it.

3. Creating a hassle-free working environment

Productivity largely depends on the workplace. Two important aspects that come to mind when we think about a working environment are appearance and comfort. Things such as furniture, desk clutter, and lighting are the highest concerns when it comes to appearance. The overall setup of the workplace can impact how an employee acts, engages, and feels. Once a workplace has the right ambience, comfortability tags along. A study conducted by showcases that proper lighting decreases depression, increases the mood and the productivity, and about 18% of the employees exposed to natural lighting work more productively.

 4. Mastering the art of constructive criticism 

Motivation is nothing without positivity, and getting positive feedback keeps the work upbeat. However, too much positivity can sometimes feel insincere and unhelpful. Feedback, be it positive or negative, lets an individual assess themselves accurately and helps them improve. A chat system like Cliq can come in handy in a situation where the employer finds it difficult to provide feedback to the employee. An employer can give feedback by simply mentioning them in a channel or a chat. Sending an employee a compliment over a private or group chat will boost their mood and encourage good work, and offering gentle constructive criticism privately will help them build better habits.

5. Benefits that hold the employees together

An organisation that values every employee's opinion is likely to bring them together. Making the working environment stress-free and letting employees work from home can improve their concentration and lets them relax a bit. Monetary benefits such as health care and personal allowances increase job performance, loyalty, and morale, and keep employees motivated throughout their time with the company.

6. Let them know you trust them

Bridging the gap between an employee and an employer has always been difficult. Developing conversations between them can make this easier because establishing trust involves knowing an employee well. Employers showing trust in their employees can make them feel at home and motivated.

For everyone's best interest

It is always important to support employees' motivation and wellbeing. A person who is mentally well can work on improving themselves, and employees will stay loyal to an organisation that looks out for them.


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