The rise of AI in business communication

The use of AI in business communication has increased in recent years, transforming how people interact, collaborate, and communicate. Almost every business has adopted AI in some form, and tools that facilitate workplace collaboration leverage the use of AI to increase engagement. AI for communication has made work smarter and easier, and it provides a number of capabilities that could radically change the way businesses are managed.

The impact of AI in business communication

Here's how AI has impacted business communication:

  • Automates routine tasks to increase productivity.
  • Enhances engagement in internal and external communication.
  • Improves customer experience.
  • Helps in better decision-making through data analysis.
  • Reduces potential threats and fraud.
Challenges faced using AI in communication

Even if AI has the potential to completely transform the way organizations interact and make an impact, it also has certain challenges. Some of these challenges are:

  • Data-driven predictions can sometimes lead to misleading outcomes.
  • The technology can lead to mishandling of sensitive data.
  • It is difficult to distinguish between content produced by humans and by AI.
How do Cliq's AI features help in handling your everyday workflow?

Cliq offers various AI features for different purposes that can automate your daily tasks, increase organizational productivity, and facilitate your workflow. Let's discuss some features that you can use for seamless collaboration.

ChatGPT extension

Open AI's ChatGPT has gained popularity for helping users all around the world with content creation, problem solving, and message response. You can integrate the ChatGPT extension into Cliq and use the ChatGPT bot, commands, and message actions to carry out a variety of tasks. 


Many applications that have taken advantage of AI technology are being integrated into platforms to enhance the user experience and offer self-service options. Bring your AI apps into Cliq by downloading extensions from the Zoho Cliq Marketplace and integrating them with Cliq. These apps can be used to perform actions inside the Cliq interface seamlessly, so you don't have to switch between different apps. 

Zia: the AI-powered personal assistant

Zia is Zoho's virtual assistant that analyzes data from tasks, files, and messages to offer users insights and suggestions. You can benefit from it by receiving reminders for tasks and occasions. By offering suitable filters, Zia Search aids users in their search for content in Cliq. 


Cliq provides AI features that you can implement in messages to work efficiently and automate your workflow by reducing tasks that require human intervention. Some examples include: 

  • Automatic translation

If you want messages to be translated into your default language, you can use Cliq's automatic translation feature.

  • Unread message summary

When you receive a lot of messages on a channel but cannot read them one by one, you can enable unread message summary, and the summary of messages will appear. To view the summary of a conversation, select the message count in the navigation sidebar and view the summary of the messages.

  • Text to OCR

Let's say you want to find an image with text. Simply type the image text in the search bar to find it.

  • Schedule messages

Cliq auto-detects when a user is available and sends your scheduled message to them at the right time. 

  • Smart suggestions

Using smart suggestions, Cliq suggests actions based on message context. A user can make a call, set reminders, start a meeting, add to calendar and send a mail for a particular message.

Calls and meetings

When you make a call or start a meeting, Cliq provides some features that will make your work easier while having a conversation.

  • Speech detection

When you are on mute and try to speak, Cliq will detect your voice and display a notification asking you to unmute while speaking.

  • Background and filters

With Cliq, you can change your background and add filters during meetings. 

  • Automatic shape recognition on whiteboard

Zoho Cliq's automatic shape recognition feature enables it to recognize every shape you draw and convert it into the precise shape.

Future of AI in business communication

Despite the challenges and risks involved, AI in business communication is too good to ignore. Businesses will continue adapting to data-driven processes and use insights to take a strategic approach to problems. Virtual assistants and chatbots can connect with people 24/7 and will soon solve common case issues in a more natural and nuanced way. We are only beginning to understand how much potential AI holds in terms of collaboration tools and still have a lot to uncover.


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