Zoho Cliq and Zoho Expense: Keep track of all your expenses with contextual collaboration

Keep track of all your expenses with contextual collaboration

Efficient communication is the key to well-managed business finances. Zoho Expense, part of the Zoho Finance suite, simplifies expense reporting via its cloud-based platform; however, without the proper communication channels, there may be reporting delays. The right chat application can maximize Zoho Expense's effectiveness. This is where Zoho Cliq comes in. By integrating Zoho Expense with Zoho Cliq, organizations bridge the gap between expense reporting and team collaboration, enabling real-time communication and decision-making.

Let's explore the key components of Zoho Expense and see how its integration with Zoho Cliq enhances collaboration and efficiency within teams.

What is Zoho Expense?

Zoho Expense is an application that simplifies tracking and automatic accounting of corporate expenses and business trips—before, during, and after. It's a cloud-based application that removes the hassle of expense reporting. With streamlined processes for expense reporting, instant approvals, and reimbursements, employees can handle all expenses in minutes, which gives them more time to focus on other aspects of their jobs.

What can you do with the Zoho Expense integration with Zoho Cliq?

Let's first understand the three roles in Zoho Expense: Submitter, Approver, and Admin. Admins have the authority to create new user roles and configure permissions. Submitters, typically employees, can upload receipts, create expenses, and submit reports. Approvers, usually team leaders or managers, can approve submitted reports and perform all Submitter actions. By connecting Zoho Cliq to your Zoho Expense account, you can:

Enable the quick chat bar

You no longer need to toggle between your Zoho Expense and Zoho Cliq accounts. Now, easily activate Zoho Cliq's quick chat bar within your Zoho Expense account, enabling instant communication with all teammates.

Get notified on the status of reimbursements

Submitters will receive instant notifications in their Zoho Cliq channel containing all the needed information to process the reimbursement as soon as their report is approved. This saves time and ensures that employees stay updated on the status of their reimbursement requests without needing to constantly check their email or log in to multiple systems. With this streamlined notification process, employees can focus more on their work, knowing that their expense reports are being processed efficiently.

Keep track of all trips

Submitters or approvers no longer need to switch between tabs in different applications to view their reports or trips. With the integration of Zoho Expense and Zoho Cliq, submitters and approvers can easily view all their reports and trips directly within the Zoho Cliq interface. 

Configure the Zoho Expense bot

The integration also enables the Zoho Expense bot for instant notifications and enhanced collaboration. Once set up, the Zoho Expense bot helps the admin invite users, assign roles (submitter or approver), and view reports and trips within the Zoho Cliq account. This integration simplifies tasks, such as uploading receipts and searching, approving, and sharing reports.

To put it briefly

Integrating Zoho Expense with Zoho Cliq helps organizations stay updated on all corporate expenses and business trips through instant notifications. It also keeps everyone connected with a quick chat bar and streamlines workflows with the Zoho Expense bot. To enable this integration:

  • Sign in to your Zoho Cliq account and Zoho Expense account using the same email address. 
  • Open your Zoho Expense account and click Admin View.
  • Click the gear icon at the top right side, or go to Settings on the left sidebar.
  • Go to Zoho Apps under Integrations.
  • Find Zoho Cliq, enable the extension, and map your notifications to your preferred Zoho Cliq channel. 

To learn more about how these integrations work and how to set them up, watch this video. If you need further assistance, please email us at support@zohocliq.com.


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