5 effective ways to foster team building with Zoho Cliq


What is the key to building a happy and motivated team? Managers and team leaders often ponder this question as they strive to create harmony in their teams and achieve their desired results. But the secret to forming a great team and boosting team performance lies in an age-old practice: team building.

Team building is all about bringing your team together and creating a healthy bond between every member. This transforms the separate, individually contributing employees into a cohesive, unified whole that's more effective than the sum of its parts. Team building helps teams set challenging goals, work together, and meet deadlines effectively. Let's take a look at how team building helps strengthen teams and how you can bring your team together with Zoho Cliq.

Understanding the importance of team building

Humans are social beings but they don't always work together. Socializing in workplaces can be challenging because no two human beings are the same; teams are often comprised of members belonging to various age groups, nationalities, ethnicities, and other kinds of identities. It can be difficult to foster effective communication between individuals without a proper team culture or team nurturing sessions, but it's necessary to work on team building for the greater good of the team's development and productivity. So what exactly does team building offer? 

  • Builds trust between teammates: When teammates get to know each other better, they're better able to communicate, collaborate, and get the job done.

  • Helps tackle the stress: Not having a clear vision about what the team wants can create unnecessary stress and anxiety, which in turn affects productivity. Creating a holistic environment within the team will help reduce stress and accomplish goals.

  • Motivates employees to contribute more: There's no better motivation than the drive to work and win together. When teammates are on the same page and chasing the same goal, they're more equipped to achieve faster results.

Using Zoho Cliq to foster team building

Before the 2020 pandemic, team building was a common activity performed universally across and throughout organizations. When the pandemic hit and social distancing required multitudes of employees to work from home, team building in a virtual environment posed its own challenges. Now, as workers slowly return to the office, many teams are looking to re-incorporate team building activities into their weekly schedules.

If your team has adopted hybrid work with employees spread across the country or the world, team bonding might still be challenging. But we have a few tips on how you can make effective team building possible with the help of Zoho Cliq. Let's take a look.

  • Icebreakers through online meetings

Icebreakers are a straightforward way to help your teammates bond with each other. Even something as simple as chatting about their favorite meals or movies will keep the conversation going. To help grow these relationships, you can hold virtual icebreaker sessions over Cliq audio and video meetings monthly, or whenever someone new joins the team. Cliq meetings come with cool features, like reacting with GIFs, stickers, or gestures while people talk—which makes the interactions more fun.


  • Group games with the Games extension

The Games extension in Zoho Cliq offers virtual games to relax and have fun during or after a long day at work. You can use the /play command to pick your game and start playing. But what's the fun in playing alone? Teammates can start game challenges with the /challenge command, pick their opponent, and engage in an exciting match. 


  • Whiteboard fun

Were you on one of those teams that booked a conference room and played a game of Pictionary as a fun Friday activity? Bring back those good old days. Start a Cliq meeting with your colleagues, open the real-time whiteboard feature, and start drawing.


  • Work desk showcase via a video meeting

Do you love decorating your work desk? You spend most of your day there and it only makes sense to keep your desk the way you like it. But while working from home, you don't get to see your colleagues' desks and notice the little things they do to make work entertaining. Organize a work-desk showcase event with Cliq's video meetings, give your colleagues a tour of your space, and share the joy. 


  • Weekly work planners and brainstorming

Brainstorming is a crucial part of bringing your team together. When you brainstorm as a team, you and your colleagues work as one. Make weekly brainstorming a ritual in your team to increase team bonding and productivity. You can schedule brainstorming sessions via Cliq meetings. 


There's a lot more you can do with Zoho Cliq for your team's development than we've detailed here. If you use Cliq everyday for communication, explore these activities regularly and see how your team bonding improves. If you're someone who wants to start using Cliq for seamless communication, you can begin your free trial with us today and get your hands on our premium features.


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