How Is Cliq Connecting Zoho

Cliq started off as an internal project back in 2008—Zoho Chat. With its recent launch to the outside world, some questions have been left hanging. We're here today to answer at least one of them, mainly "What is Cliq to Zoho?"

As with most of Zoho’s products, Cliq started out as the answer to a need within the company. Instant messages, emails, calls, and post-it notes were all part of meetings. And often, in the chaos of the workplace, a lot of subject material was lost. There was a need for better documentation, and that’s how Zoho Chat came to be.

Connecting us near and far

Every team and every department at Zoho uses Cliq to connect with each other. It’s a much more relaxed alternative than having to find someone’s extension and dial them up—many employees prefer to not even have one. Cliq connects us with the person in the Finance department who's a block away or someone from the Communications team on the other side of the planet. It’s reducing the distance to now, no matter how wide the gap.

There was once a time when faxing reams of paper to colleagues was the norm. With a collaboration tool like Cliq around, the workplace has become faster and much more productive. Instead of having to resort to paper, we utilize Cliq to send PDFs and documents. If it’s about sending invoices or expense reports, those can be submitted using slash commands within the chat itself!

Extend this to our biggest workgroup—The Developers. With having to share code often and pair-programming not being a possibility all the time, Cliq serves as a bridge for these vital interactions.

The main mode of communication for Sales and Support is via Cliq. With its ability to integrate with other Zoho products, such as CRM Plus or Desk, it's an essential companion for our employees. With tickets and invoices coming straight to their chat, Cliq ensures that no one is wasting time constantly switching between screens.

This goes for Finance, too. With integration options from Books and Invoice, things like reimbursements are a breeze.

That’s not all, though. Everything we can do on the browser version of Cliq can be done remotely from a smartphone. Whether at the office or the gym, we still have access to all of our chats and reports.

It’s offering more opportunities for every one of us

From telephones to email to instant messaging, communication between people is always improving. Cliq's PrimeTime function allows you to join a video call, right from within your group chat or channel. Can’t travel 9000 miles to speak to someone face to face? Use PrimeTime. Can’t get to work because you’re stuck at an event somewhere? Find a quiet spot and PrimeTime.

It’s made for everyone

One of the main reasons Cliq is so useful is its flexibility with integrations. With our Desk integration, teams are notified of daily performance stats at the EOD. CRM integration means sales teams get notified of every big deal that gets closed. And with over twenty integrations to choose from, Cliq can fit almost every business' needs.

Cliq has a lighter, playful side to it as well. We have a bot for the campus that scouts for and sends out the news. Missed a colleague’s birthday? Don’t worry, the bot reminds you of that, too!

With integrations, you can pick, and choose, and personalize your experience as you see it fit. Don’t see something? Create it—it’s that easy. For many of us at Zoho, Cliq is a great testing ground for bots. It helps us see what’s best for the community and implement it for everyone else!

Because every company works differently, Cliq aims to be flexible enough to cater to exactly what you need and not the other way around.

A channel for everyone

With offices spread all around the world. It helps to have a fast tool to connect with anyone in your organization. With a few taps on the keyboard, you can find a person from your team, department, or branch with our Zoho People-assisted search bar.

Here at Zoho, we have to stay connected with our colleagues from different teams and from different countries, and that calls for quick action. Cliq connects us with the devs in Japan, the Comms team in California, and anywhere else our people may be.

And none of that correspondence is ever lost. There are channels for specific departments, and this division of information proves useful as we always know where to look when we need to bring it up. Every product has an organization-level channel and it’s further split into sub-channels to cater to every department within that specified team.

Regardless of where you're from or what business you run, Cliq can handle whatever you need to do. That’s what we've been doing for a decade now—maybe you should too!


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  1. Hi Zoho team, The Cliq desktop app (at least on MacOS) is unusable while offline - I often need to scroll through previous chats while travelling - and therefore renders your app unusable. Is there a plan to fix this?

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