Video messages: The game-changer in your team communication

5 Benefits of Using Video Messages

Video messages make complex tasks more engaging and simpler to grasp. Imagine a chef teaching a complicated recipe through text. The technique, balance of flavors, and consistency are all lost in words. However, as this chef switches to video messaging, the entire scenario changes. His students feel as if they are right there in the kitchen. 

As per a Forbes study, 59% of employees prefer video over text when given a choice between video and text on the same topic, making it clear that short video messages are convenient and significantly effective in conveying intention and tone. In this blog post, we'll uncover the true potential of video messaging and explore five key benefits it adds to business communication.

How can video messaging be a game-changer in business communication?

Effective communication is vital for team collaboration. It enables team members to understand their roles and the team's goals. While text and audio messages have traditionally been the preferred communication methods, video messages are emerging as a more engaging and personalized alternative, particularly when conveying complex information, making it easier for users to understand the relevance and context of the message.

Say you're supposed to prepare a thirty-second introductory video for an organization-wide virtual meeting. However, setting up to record a video is a daunting task, especially when you're short on time and lack the proper equipment. In situations like this, the video messaging feature in Zoho Cliq is useful. It allows you to record your video message, add backgrounds, or even redo the video, then effortlessly send it to the relevant team. You can also schedule the video message to be delivered later if the recipient is working in a different time zone or if they're offline. This feature ensures accurate message delivery, regardless of the circumstances.

5 benefits of video messages in business communication

Here are the five key benefits of using video messaging in business communication:

1. Boosting team communication and engagement

A study found that 86% of employees and executives blame ineffective communication and collaboration for workplace failures. Video messages can combat this issue effectively as they can be recorded, edited, sent, or scheduled on the go. Their collaborative nature allows a dynamic exchange of ideas, making video messages an avenue to improve business communication.

2. Promoting productivity and professionalism

Video messages increase the sender's awareness of their own appearance and their surroundings. Fast Company confirms this trend, revealing that 55% of users show their real-world surroundings during video calls, while 45% prefer to use virtual or blurred background features for a more professional appearance. This conscious effort to come off positively to others means we hold ourselves to a higher standard, which is especially important at work. As a result, we enhance the quality of our communication, create a more engaging visual experience, and contribute to a more productive work environment.

3. Enhancing convenience, streamlining collaboration, and promoting understanding through nonverbal gestures 

Video messages are a time-saving solution that streamline communication. They allow for clear and concise sharing of ideas, and the scheduling feature eliminates the need to wait for the recipient to come online. By capturing emotions and nonverbal cues, they prevent misunderstandings, add a personal touch, and foster trust, enhancing communication and collaboration.

4. Driving cost efficiency in day-to-day communication

Video messages can also curtail costs by eliminating the need to travel for face-to-face meetings. They provide effective and efficient communication regardless of geographic borders, making them a cost-effective solution for business communication.

5. Optimizing content planning and message clarity

Video messages offer unique benefits in content planning and scheduling over audio or textual communication. From a tutor planning to share visual study materials with students in a virtual classroom to a remote team manager setting clear expectations with a personal touch, video messages enable thoughtful and seamless content preparation. Their visual and audio factors improve understanding, making them an effective communication medium.

To put it briefly

Video messaging is transforming business communication. It offers a convenient and engaging medium to share complex ideas, enhance productivity, promote professionalism, and foster collaboration. It also reduces misunderstandings and builds trust with the ability to communicate nonverbal cues. Here's a detailed help document if you want to try out video messaging or if you need further assistance with sending a video message in Zoho Cliq. 


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