7 tips to be your most productive self on Cliq

What do you usually do when you have a million little work tasks that need your immediate attention? While delegating or going for a coffee break may sound like a good idea, here’s a rundown of practical tools and resources you can use to save time and focus on the things that matter. In our previous post, we discussed habitual changes that you can make to your work processes that declutter your mind and help you stay focused. Here are some ways you can maximize your use of Cliq’s platform and its productivity-boosting features.

Cliq’s platform is powered by Deluge, Zoho’s own scripting language, and includes functionalities like bots, slash commands, and our latest addition, schedulers, —so you can do more, right from your chat window.  It provides one-one chat, group chat, and audio/video call options, so you and your team can stay clued in about the latest work updates.

Collaboration aside, workplace productivity is one of the keys to a healthy and positive work culture. Does work flow through your teams and departments effectively? Are the right tools and resources being used to get the most from your workplace communications? How effective is your chat space in helping you get more purposeful work done?

With Cliq’s extensible platform, you’ll get an uncomplicated workspace, where teams can streamline their work processes and give context to their communication. You can even build and sell the integrations that you design for your team on Cliq’s platform.

Let’s dive in and see how it works:

1. Automate routine tasks and get more done

Cliq’s chatbots provide notifications, event reminders and a few nifty custom functions.

We use Zia, Zoho’s intelligent assistant, to automate event scheduling. Include Zia in your event, and she’ll become an unofficial attendee, creating a group chat to get the conversation rolling, and using message cards to inform everyone about the timing and venue.

2. Fetch data from third-party apps

Slash commands help you pull data from third-party apps and sources without having to leave your Cliq window.

Take the /stackoverflow command: Just enter “/stackoverflow,” followed by a space and your query.

If you’re looking for developer insights on using a sorted array against an unsorted array, type “/stackoverflow sorted vs unsorted array” in any of your chats, and click Enter. You can then share the results and spur discussion within the chat or channel by clicking Post here.

3. Custom message actions

In addition to the usual message actions, such as Forward and Reply, Cliq supports custom message actions, that you can create based on your individual requirements. For example, the Add to GDrive option enables you to upload a file to your Google Drive account with a single click, so you don’t have to switch between multiple tabs.

4. More button actions with functions

For every action that’s performed when someone clicks a button, a function is involved. This piece of code triggers the button action that you want to have rendered.

For instance, when you use the /issues command, you’ll see a list of bugs reported under the user’s name. Click on the button next to each to get more information about it.

The Share button in the /zdocs command works on the same principle:

5. Keep your workflows on track

You can set schedulers to perform actions at regular intervals.

The Report Bot operates on a scheduler that posts regular updates on the team’s tasks and progress.

Note: The/zdocs, /issues commands, and the Report bot are internally developed tools that have made our work life more productive. You can create custom bots and commands on Cliq’s platform, based on your favorite tools.

6. Bring your teams up to speed

Keep your teams notified about workflow developments through channel alerts. By enabling channel alerts, you’ll receive workflow notifications that are specific to that particular channel.

Let’s take a look at the Zoho CRM extension with Cliq. If you set your qualifying criteria as $50K, your sales channel on Cliq will send you notifications regarding prospects whose revenue is above $50K, and have signed up for your product. So, every time a prospect passes your qualifying criteria, you and your team will be notified immediately.

7. Keep the conversation going

Work on mobile and get to the tasks that need your immediate attention, whether it’s getting on a call with a teammate or scheduling bot notifications for an upcoming event.


Cliq is available on Android and iOS platforms, so you can work remotely, even during your commute.

How many of these features have you tried out? Sign up here and let us know your thoughts.

To learn more about Cliq’s capabilties, join us for our twice-monthly webinars. If the timing doesn’t suit you, you can schedule a one-on-one webinar.

If you have any questions or feedback, please post them here, or drop us an email at support@zohocliq.com.

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