7 tips to be your most productive self on Cliq

What do you usually do when you have a million work tasks that need your immediate attention? We'd like to provide a rundown of some practical tools and resources you can use to save time and focus on the things that matter. Here are a few ways you can get the most out of Cliq's platform and its productivity-boosting features.

Cliq’s platform is powered by Deluge, Zoho’s own scripting language. It includes bots, slash commands, functions, widgets, schedulers, message actions, and more, so you can do anything you need right from your chat window.

Collaboration aside, workplace productivity is the next largest indicator of healthy and positive work culture. Does work flow through your teams and departments effectively? Are the right tools and resources being used to get the most from your workplace communications? How effective is your chat space in helping you get more purposeful work done?

With Cliq’s extensible platform tools, you’ll get the foundation for an uncomplicated workspace, where teams can streamline their work processes and add context to their communication. You can even publish and sell any integrations that you design for Cliq on Zoho Marketplace.

Let’s dive in and see how it works:

1. Automate routine tasks and get more done

Cliq’s chatbots provide notifications, event reminders, and some custom functions.

Bots are useful assistants that help automate your routine activities. In Cliq, you can custom build your own bots or subscribe to existing bots according to your needs.

Some examples of bots that have been built by others and are accessible through extensions are the Poll bot, Desk bot, and PagerDuty bot.

Poll bot which is developed for Poll extension for Zoho Cliq allows you to:

  • Create and run a poll
  • Post polls in any conversation
  • View responses and the list of polls you create
  • Configure poll alerts and notifications

Likewise, Desk integration for Cliq comes with the Desk bot comes with menu actions that allow you to open tickets and pull out a list of any tickets that are due today or are overdue. The bot also notifies you about status updates and comments for your tickets.

You can also create your own bots and decide who gets to interact with them. They can be used by the whole organization, certain teams, or only by you.

You also get to automate all your routine tasks using Schedulers in Cliq. When executed, a scheduler posts messages in a dedicated chat, channel, or bot. Create your own according to your needs and designate when they should run. They can be set to repeat, such as every day, week, or month.

For example, you can create a simple scheduler to fetch your daily to-do list from your task management app and post it in your personal bot.

2. Shortcuts to retrieve data from third-party apps

Slash commands are shortcuts that help you pull data from third-party apps and sources without having to leave your Cliq window.

For example, let's take the /gdrive command. Just enter “/gdrive,” followed by a space and type the file or folder name that you're looking for and select it. By doing so, a message will appear where you can either view, download, or share the file/folder via email right from the chat window.

3. Turn messages into actions

In addition to the usual message actions, such as Forward and Reply, Cliq supports custom message actions that you can create based on your requirements.

For instance, let's consider the message action Add Notes to ZohoCRM. This action allows you to convert a message and add it as a note to Zoho CRM directly from Cliq, so you don’t have to switch between multiple tabs.

4. More button actions with functions

When someone clicks a button, an action is done through a function. This piece of code triggers the button action that you want.

For instance, when you use the /gdrive command, you'll be provided with action buttons like Share to Email, View, and Download. Clicking on one of the buttons will trigger the respective action.

Similarly, by invoking /searchdoc command which comes along with Zoho Writer integration for Cliq, you'll be provided with action buttons like share, attach, edit properties and publish. Clicking on one of the buttons will trigger the respective action.

5. Bring your teams up to speed with scheduled alerts

Notify your teams about workflow developments through channel alerts. By enabling channel alerts, you’ll receive workflow notifications that are specific to that particular channel.

Let’s take a look at the Zoho CRM extension with Cliq. If you set your qualifying criteria as $50K, your sales channel on Cliq will send you notifications when prospects whose revenue is above $50K sign up for your product. This way, every time a prospect passes your qualifying criteria, you and your team will be notified immediately.

6. Customize and organize your Cliq home screen

Widgets give you a custom view of all the important data and functions from the different apps that you use regularly.

For example, under the Documents section of the Zoho Writer widget which comes with Zoho Writer integration for Zoho Cliq, you can generate all your Writer documents inside Cliq and perform varied actions such as opening and sharing a document, uploading new documents, viewing the list of documents shared with you, creating custom templates, and starting a new document. This can all be done from within the Documents widget in Cliq without the need to switch between multiple tabs.

7. Keep the conversation going

Work on your mobile device and get to the tasks that need your immediate attention, whether it’s getting on a call with a teammate or scheduling bot notifications for an upcoming event.

Cliq is available on Android and iOS, so you can work remotely without hassle.

Explore Cliq platform and make your day-to-day work activities more convenient.


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