Introducing Zoho Checkout: Making online payments painless.

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Offering online payments to customers can be a long, daunting process. Not only do you usually require technical expertise to develop payment collection pages from scratch, you also need to ensure your pages' designs match the look and feel of your brand, so you can offer customers the seamless checkout experience they deserve.

With our newest product, Zoho Checkout, we've taken all those challenges out. Zoho Checkout provides businesses across all industries the essential functionality they need to help their customers pay online—no fluff, no fuss. You can create and customize pages for one-time and recurring payments, add a touch of your company's brand and style to your page design, and share on social media or email so your clients can pay immediately, even if you don't have your own website.

Let's get down to the nitty gritty of what makes Zoho Checkout so effective and easy to use:

Endless flexibility. Endless customization.

Choose between one-time and recurring payments with a click of a button. Using options designed with flexibility in mind, you can configure recurring intervals based on your preferences and specify a payment amount, or allow your customers to choose how much they'll pay at checkout.

Extend your brand to your payment page by fine-tuning its look and feel with a range of custom design options, including fonts, colors, background images, tailored labels and fields, and more.

Embed your payment pages on your website or online store, or simply share them on social media, and start getting paid right away!

Checkout Page Customization

Zero compromises on security.

Enjoy bank-level security with Zoho Checkout. We take care of your key security needs via SSL encryption, and ensure your customers' credit card information is fully protected.

Easy payment tracking, easy insights.

Say goodbye to managing payments the hard way with spreadsheets! With Zoho Checkout's analytics, access automated, real-time insights into how your business is doing. You can also monitor revenue generated from your successful payments and follow up with customers about failed payments.

Payment statistics

A smart way to handle recurring payment failure.

No need to worry if recurring payments fail. Customers' credit cards can automatically be retried up to three times based on a configured schedule, and notifications can be sent any time a retry fails so users are always updated about what's happening with their cards.

Marketing extension with email campaigns.

With support for MailChimp integration, effective email marketing goes hand in hand with Zoho Checkout. Associate a mailing list to a particular payment page so that paying customers using that page will automatically be added to your list, and extend your marketing reach.

Seamless integration with global payment gateways.

Zoho Checkout is integrated with Stripe, WePay, and Razorpay for accepting online payments. US customers can choose between WePay and Stripe, while Indian merchants are served by Razorpay and global merchants are served by Stripe.

No empty pockets, no stress on your wallet.

Choose from Zoho Checkout's simple, affordable pricing plans and get access to a host of exciting features. You can always use our 14-day free trial to play with the product before upgrading.

The free plan supports one payment page, and up to fifty transactions. The Standard and Professional plans, at $9 and $29 per month support multiple payment pages with no restrictions on the monthly volume or the total number of transactions. You can also opt for the yearly plans to enjoy a 2-month flat discount. Learn more about Checkout's pricing options.

Start using Zoho Checkout today and help your customers pay online, hassle-free.


7 Replies to Introducing Zoho Checkout: Making online payments painless.

  1. Do you have any plans to give us a free choice of a processor by using an open gateway like Paytrace? Also, one that supports Level III Processing like Paytrace does? With the choices, you have given us we have no choices or control. It would seem like you are making deals with gateway choices on whats good for ZOHO, not your clients. Please look at Paytrace as an option so we can have Level III (this gives us lower interchange fees) as well as the ability to chose a processor, and not be forced to pay higher fees and be forced to accept unfair and one-sided contracts.

  2. what is the difference between zoho subscriptions - which also has recurring payments? i dont see any integrations with Zoho CRM?

    1. Hey Ash, Zoho Subscriptions is a more full-fledged subscription management tool whereas with Checkout, we've tried to keep it as simple as possible. So, businesses who require a no non-sense online payments solution can easily create payment pages and share their links via email/social media with absolutely no coding required. Though the concept of the hosted pages remains the same, Zoho Subscriptions features detailed subscription analytics and metrics like ARR, Churn Rate, and more. About the Zoho CRM integration, it is definitely on the agenda and we will surely intimate you once we take it up. Do let us know if there are any other queries and concerns :)

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