Updating live workflows is now hassle-free

Zoho Campaigns is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. We’ve had an incredible journey and cannot thank you—our customers—enough for supporting us through the years.

We strive towards providing the best email marketing capabilities possible and take customer feedback seriously.

When we launched the workflows in Zoho Campaigns in 2019, we received a lot of positive feedback. However, there was still some room for improvement.

A few customers pointed out that whenever they edited an existing workflow that was active, a new version of the same workflow was created. Only those who entered the workflow after the changes to the workflows were made would receive the new content.

It was a valid concern. We took note of it and immediately started working on a solution.

With this new update, no additional versions of the workflow will be created after a user makes changes to a live workflow.

For instance, after making a workflow live, you may realize you’ve listed your phone number incorrectly in the email signature. You can edit the email signature in the live workflow and everyone who’s part of the workflow will receive the edited version.

This will help users avoid the hassle of tracking multiple versions of the same workflow.

If you’ve been using workflows and have any questions about this update, please reach out to us at support@zohocampaigns.com.


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