Customer Spotlight: Zoho Analytics analytics empowers TMI Network - India's largest recruitment firm

TMI Network is one of the largest recruitment firms in India. Established over 22 years ago, the company offers talent acquisition and management services to over 400 corporations including Adithya Birla, Dell, Infosys, Ford India, and L&T.

The Challenge

Initially, TMI was using spreadsheets to manage their clients’ recruitment details. As their client portfolio grew, the team found it relatively difficult to organize all of their data in excel spreadsheets.

“TMI Network were looking at hiring about 45,000 – 50,000 new candidates every year. Each candidate had to go through about 6 or 7 stages interviews during the hiring process, depending upon the client. We had to maintain a clear record of each candidate”, says Rajesh Kumar, Vice president, Special Projects Division of TMI Network.

Finding the Right Solution

Their search for the perfect analytics software led them to Zoho Analytics 8 years ago, and they haven’t looked back since. Watch how TMI Network effortlessly uses Zoho Analytics to analyze huge sets of data and power up their recruitment analytics.

Key Benefits Observed by TMI

  • Clarity and visibility.
  • Information accessibility anytime.
  • Flexibility and ease in creating insightful reports and dashboards
  • Ability to maintain a consistent narrative.

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