Customer Spotlight: Aqualibria: “We take care of your health. Zoho Analytics takes care of our business analytics.”

Daniele Poggio and Velile Ndebele co-founded Aqualibria, a Premier Colon Hydrotherapy MediSpa in the United Kingdom. With over a decade’s experience and effective staffing, Aqualibria offers intense treatments that help you rejuvenate and detox your body.

The Challenge:

Initially, the team used a reservation booking software that came with reporting functions. But as their business grew exponentially, they were in need of a tool that would give them a bird’s-eye view of how they were doing. They needed something that is simple, economical, but still very powerful when it comes to data crunching.

Finding the Right Solution:

Daniele was looking for a solution that would fit his budget and still provide the utmost value. He tested several solutions, but most of them either had a very limited functionality or non-existent support.

“I tried Zoho Analytics because they offered me help in setting up the data. And I was surprised at the speed and response I got from the support team. I felt like I had a BI expert on call, for free, to set me up. I honestly don’t believe I could have had the same service with a higher end provider with less than $3000 initial investment, to say the least“, says Daniele.

See how Aqualibria picked Zoho Analytics and how they feel about it now.

Key benefits for Aqualibria

  • Deep visualization options
  • Easy for analytics and collaboration
  • Keeps track of key macro trends
  • Enables informed decision making
  • Affordable pay as you use pricing model
  • Great customer support

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