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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit my estimates?

Zoho Invoice lets you edit the estimates you have created. You can then send the estimates online, download it or print it to send them to your customers. Learn how to edit estimates in Zoho Invoice.

Can I send my estimates for client approval?

With Zoho Invoice, you can either mail the estimates to your client for approval or get estimates approved directly through the client portal. You customers can view, accept and discuss terms and conditions through the customer portal.

Can I collect advance payments for my estimates?

Once your client accepts your estimate, Zoho Invoice lets you collect advance payments through retainer invoices. You can later apply the retainer invoice to Invoices.

I am a service based company, can I send estimates for projects?

Yes. With Zoho Invoice you can make estimates for projects and send to customers for approval.

I need to change the date format for my estimates. Can I do it from the Estimate Creator?

No, with the free estimate creator tool, you cannot change the date format. However, with Zoho Invoice app you can change the date format of your estimates. Learn more

Can I convert estimates to invoices?

With Zoho Invoice, you can directly convert estimates to invoices. You can send the estimates to your customers, and once the estimate is accepted, convert it to an invoice with a click. Learn more

Can I add a salesperson when I create an estimates?

Yes, with Zoho Invoice you can add Salesperson to your estimates.

I need to add an additional field to my estimates. How can I do that?

You can sign up to the free plan of Zoho Invoice and add additional fields to your estimates. Zoho Invoice supports custom fields, letting you capture additional information in your estimates. Know more

Can I customize my estimates?

With the Free Estimate Generator from Zoho Invoice, you do not have the option to customize estimates. However, the estimate templates from Zoho Invoice are fully customizable. You can sign up to the free plan of Zoho Invoice to customize your estimates. You can choose a template of your choice and customize it to suit your brand. Know more about customising estimates.

Is there a way I can send estimates on the go?

The mobile apps (iOS, Anroid, Windows) from Zoho Invoice lets you generate estimates on the go.

Can I create estimates in different languages?

Zoho Invoice supports over 12 languages, letting you send estimates in multiple languages depending on your need.

I need to attach files to my estimates. How can I do that?

You can sign up to the free plan of Zoho Invoice and add attachments to your estimates with ease. Read more.