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Gilles Groven
Product Manager,UENI

We operate in 10+ countries spread across four continents. Zoho Billing takes care of managing our recurring billing so seamlessly that we no longer consider billing a challenge while expanding to new markets!

CEO,Gameday Arts
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Most liked things about Zoho Billing

"We have been truly amazed by the immense value of collecting payments from potential customers through Zoho Billing. We are particularly fascinated by the depth of historical data available on each user's profile and the high level of customization it provides. Zoho Billing's analytics reports have become indispensable in gaining valuable insights into our customers and their payment histories. This information has proven to be highly beneficial in understanding how our offerings are perceived by customers and has empowered us to enhance their experience through precise adjustments."

Kate Fiecas

"I can't thank you enough for how incredibly helpful and user-friendly the platform is. The interface is a breeze. Those customizable invoice templates and other automated goodies? Pure gold. They've seriously streamlined our billing game and made everything so much more efficient."

Hari Iyer

"As a cloud-based SaaS subscription business, Zoho Billing is a 100% perfect fit for us. It's great to not have to worry about invoicing customers as the process is automatic. We were manually invoicing before and it was a pain to chase customers for payments. Having customer's credit cards on file and charging them automatically makes the whole process smooth and seamless. We love it and would highly recommend it to anyone with a subscription/SaaS business."

Gary Cige

"Zoho Billing has basically changed the way we interact with our members and has optimized our process to a point where we save several hours each month in managing our recurring billing & accounting."

Martin Kjeld Pedersen

"Zoho Billing fits our business' needs quite well. We provide a number of different subscription services to our customers that require different plans, products, add-ons as well as different subscription periods. These tasks are difficult to handle using our back-end systems, so having Zoho Billing and its easy integrations makes it so much easier for our sales and support team to create and manage our customers' subscriptions. All in all, we're delighted with Zoho Billing (and many of the other Zoho apps as well!), and the customer support has been phenomenal and above all fast. The ability to create and manage subscriptions in very few clicks has been great. Particularly this in combination with the workflow automation makes it very painless to create subscriptions. Moreover, it gives us a swift and simple overview of our subscribers, making it faster and easier to find recurring customers. "

Cameron Smith

"Zoho Billing is instrumental in running the day-to-day operations of our small business. We run all of our credit card processing through it in connection with Stripe. It is super easy to collect and store payment information for our customers and has a suite of features that make billing easy for me and my team. We use several PCI-compliant hosted payment pages and integrate them right on our website. Plus, their customer service is fast and easy. I've never waited for more than a minute to be connected to someone over the phone which is a life-saver. They go above and beyond to ensure our needs are met. Highly recommended! "

Xavi Novella

"Zoho Billing is a great tool for automating subscription management. We are happy with its API capabilities helping us integrate with third parties easily. The development team has the momentum to implement new features quite fast. A must have for SaaS businesses! "

Hugo Mulliez

"I was looking for a no brainer service to handle recurring billing for Artsper. Zoho Billing is the perfect subscription billing software. It is smooth and easy to configure without any technical skills. We now have hundreds of customers whom we charge on monthly subscription basis."

"Zoho Billing is extremely user-friendly and has enabled us to fully automate our subscription billing and dunning processes. The dashboard adds value for us, and Zoho Billing fluidly integrates with Zoho Books, saving us time and resources."

Kovalan Paramanantham

"Running a fledgling Managed Service Provider (MSP) business comes with its own challenges. But Zoho Billing, combined with other Zoho apps, enables me to cut my overhead, steer the business in the right direction, and provide a stellar experience to my customers."

Milton Lance

"We are into music education and we work on a subscription model, where students make fee payments every few months. In the beginning, it was very difficult for us to track the payments using Microsoft Excel. We also tried other software but ultimately, none of them ever worked according to our needs. Then we found Zoho Billing. It has made it effortless for us to track fee payments and student records, and also sends students a reminder when their fee is due. I am very glad that I chose Zoho Billing for my business."


"We were looking for an efficient and versatile platform to handle our subscriptions and invoicing. This process is now easy thanks to Zoho Billing. Also, integrating with payment gateways has never been faster."

Gaurav Doshi

"Edmingle has grown 10x in the past three years, and Zoho Billing played a crucial role in it. Personally, it saves me at least 90 hours a month that would have been spent on manual billing processes and follow-ups, which is the biggest ROI I get from Zoho."
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Julie Reeder

"On an average, we had to spend 2 minutes for each renewal, just to record the payment in our system. After using Zoho Billing, our processing time went down by 75% and we managed to completely cut away postage expenses!"
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Gilles Groven

"We operate in 10+ countries spread across four continents. Zoho Billing takes care of managing our recurring billing so seamlessly that we no longer consider billing a challenge while expanding to new markets!"
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Josh Lucas

"We evaluated Square and Stripe Billing for our subscription billing operations. But Zoho Billing's extensive customization options and its close-knit integrations made it a natural choice!"
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Jared Loftus

"It's amazing that we can connect Zoho Billing to our other business apps—Salesforce, Mailchimp, and Zendesk—without writing a single line of code!"
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Antoine Puymirat

"When we evaluated Zoho Billing and Zuora, we couldn't believe how crazy expensive Zuora was! But we did not choose Zoho Billing for the price because for me, it's better to have the best tool even if it's more expensive. We chose Zoho Billing because it's better and more intuitive."
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Lasse Høydal

"Zoho Billing was the best in (meeting) all our criteria — payment gateways, regular AR functionality, ease of use, online and offline invoicing, API. We are also extremely happy with the responsiveness of their support team."
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Alex Klein

"We love that we can approach the Zoho Billing team whenever we have questions. It's relieving to know that there's someone (a human!) willing to respond to our questions personally and ready to call us when necessary."
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Aron Martinez

"I was looking for an easy, clean and intuitive way to manage subscriptions, that would be flexible enough to adapt to my specific needs for the Swiss market, as well as be very cost-efficient. Zoho Billing has met all of my expectations."
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Stefan Eichenberger

"We love the seamless flow of customer information from Zoho CRM to Zoho Billing, and vice versa. Whenever we get inquiries from customers on their subscription or billing, our team can look up those details right within the CRM, and this is a huge time saver."
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Ryan Sharp

"We use Zoho Billing to manage our wine club membership. During each renewal, it sends out reminder emails, collect payments and recovers lost revenue without us even touching the computer!"
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Morgan Dailey

"In all the chaos of a tech startup, backend systems can be a total time drain. We sought a solution that would allow consistency through an entire sales process, and Zoho Billing fits the bill where payment processing is concerned. It was incredibly simple to implement, and their support team went above and beyond in helping us migrate sensitive credit card information from our old system to the new.The result is complete unity among departments. Any changes made in Zoho CRM automatically update in Zoho Billing and Zoho Books, and vice versa. Our CRM now displays subscription data and invoices under each customer account, making it incredibly easy for our support team to have a birds-eye view in any situation. The end result is an elevated level of service for our customers. Most importantly, we feel confident in our backend ability to scale up our operation over time. We couldn’t be happier with Zoho Billing, and we would recommend the service to anyone."

"We use Zoho Billing for our online grocery subscription service. The in-built integrations that come with Zoho Billing have automated most of our business processes—from CRM to subscription accounting to collecting online payments. We absolutely love it!"

"An excellent, automated software with great customer service."

Rick Fadden

"As a company that offers monthly parking, we wanted an easy way to manage the subscriptions of our customers for all of our locations. Zoho Billing is perfect for that. It handles both ours and our customers' needs. The best part for us is how quickly everything can be done. Even setting up payments for a new location takes less than a minute. Simply put, our business couldn't run without Zoho Billing."

"With Zoho Billing, all we have to do is create the subscription plans. The application does the rest. It collects payments, follows up with customers who haven't paid, and even acknowledges the payments received. That's why we love Zoho."
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"Zoho Billing had everything from A to Z for running our magazine services—from subscription management to promotional discounting, from stock handling to courier dispatching, and lots more. Best of all, the onboarding team made migrating from our previous in-house software a piece of cake."

Joseph Hwang

"At Goji Systems, we've developed an advanced self-order kiosk software called GojiKiosk. As a SaaS company with a tight focus on customer experience, we needed a recurring billing system for GojiKiosk that is flexible, powerful, and integrated with all our other business platforms. Zoho Billing was our solution. It's intuitive, simple to use, and reliable. More importantly, we appreciate the support that we get from the Zoho team."

Steven Taylor

"We've transformed over 60% of our monthly customers to a recurring payments model via Zoho Billing, which has allowed us to roll out additional revenue streams without the need for margin-destroying admin and accountancy⁠—and most importantly to provide the best possible service to our clients. Before, we used to spend several days a month chasing late payments which were mostly due to the lack of payment options we were able to offer. Zoho Billing has now made our lives a whole lot simpler by simplifying our payment collection process throughout!"

Vivek Saini

"Zoho Billing is like a dream come true to SAAS based business. There are certain features on which Zoho scores high, like the integrating with multiple payment gateways, automating subscription management, notification on various messaging platform, payment feeds from banks and automatically matching it to corresponding invoices and above all, they have open APIs. I have high praise for the Zoho support team. They have always been responsive and never missed any opportunity to make sure that I am getting ROI on Zoho products."

Brock Andersen, CPA

"We use Zoho Billing to manage the invoicing and payment processing end of our business. Zoho Billing and Zoho Books integrates seamlessly and it allows us to focus on delivering services to our clients instead of managing billing headaches. I've also had great experience with their support and I recommend it to anyone considering their options."

Zalman Kagan

"Zoho Billing has totally transformed our subscription management. In the past, we had no transparency with fees and collected funds. We now have the system fully automated with Zoho APIs and we also provide the ability for our customers to self-manage their subscription in portal. The reporting is also excellent. Thanks for creating such a great product!"

Antony Kattukaran

"Our experience with Zoho Billing and other finance products has been seamless and excellent. The customer service is fabulous too!"

Vidhya Srinivasan

"It's very easy to keep track of subscriptions without the fear of missing to bill."

Robert Ingberg

"Zoho Billing's API is open and well documented. We found that whatever was possible through their interface was also possible through their API. This made the integration process quick and easy."

Michele Mantovani

"Zoho Billing is the perfect solution for us at TeeBase. Our subscription management process is now 100% automatic: invoicing, alerts, renewal, all of it is under control. It is easy to set templates, price lists, and reports for managing the sales team and the entire business. We also appreciate the support we got the few times we needed it: quick, smart, and accurate. Zoho Billing is an efficient and versatile solution for the organizations that are working with subscription based businesses. Last but not least, the tight integration with Zoho Books and Zoho CRM makes managing all business information a breeze."

Chad Sandstedt

"While we used Excel for billing, our team was spending so much time invoicing and chasing payments, so they had little time to take care of new customers. Zoho Billing changed that completely for us."
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Ryan Libbey

"Already, we can see a difference in how we are going to manage our subscription service. Zoho Billing has a very simple and easy to use interface. So, we have seen a big difference."
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"Zoho Billing's dashboard and in-depth analytics help me understand the activation and cancellation trends, churn rate, the performance of each plan, and so on. This is crucial for us to know how customers perceive our offerings, and to fine-tune their experience further."
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"Before, the details of our customer subscriptions were limited to the accounting team and there was very little transparency to the other departments. Zoho Billing completely changed that for us. The contextual information flow helps us see a holistic picture of our processes, which was the missing piece in the puzzle."
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Message from CEO

Zoho is a software company that ships 45+ products globally. Operating on a subscription pricing model for more than 20 years has given us the opportunity to face and overcome the practical pain points of subscription businesses. Let us solve your subscription billing challenges, together.

Sridhar Vembu

CEO, Zoho Corporation

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