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Revenue forecaster: Predict your business' future revenue

Plug in your current metrics and calculate future MRR of your subscription business.

support How to use the tool?

It is a simple four step process:

✓ Enter your recurring revenue for the month (MRR)

✓ Add your revenue growth

✓ Enter the revenue churned out (you can also add multiple ones and compare)

✓ And how far into the future you wish to see

Predict your revenue

anytime, anywhere.

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Predict your revenue anytime, anywhere.

Ways to Combat Churn

A Business Owner’s Guide to Customer Retention

Here are some simple, effective tips to combat your churn rate

Have an awesome product or service

Reducing churn and maximizing customer happiness all starts with having a product or service that people love.
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Detailed help documentation

Your customers shouldn’t have to contact you every single time they need to know something; your help docs should do that job.

Engage your customers

Call them. Email them. Build a relationship with them. The quality of this relationship will determine if they’re going to stick with you.

Implement dunning management

Credit card failures are a major cause of customer churn, but they can be easily mitigated with dunning management.
Dunning management with Zoho Subscriptions

Up-sell your existing customer base

Up-selling is a great way to beef up your recurring revenue and counter the effects of churn. Offer customers add-ons, extensions or plans with more features.

Scale your customer acquisition

Acquisition need not always cost money. Creative growth hacks and new channels can help you accelerate acquisition to compensate for customer churn.

An end-to-end solution to help you manage churn and increase customer base

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