Who needs the Enterprise edition?

Managing technicians and carrying out comprehensive audit trails can be tough for large enterprises. The Enterprise edition offers enterprises easy ways to confront these challenges with a comprehensive set of features designed to make carrying out and keeping track of remote support sessions easy.

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Write on the remote screen, record sessions, and create internal divisions—you've got it all with the Enterprise edition.



Departments helps you to simplify support operations by allowing you to have multiple divisions in your organization, based on teams, geographic locations, or work groups. You can manage each division individually with a separate set of:

  • Email templates and configurations.
  • Technicians
  • Unattended access groups
  • Session reports
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Session Recording

Record and maintain video documentation of all the sessions initiated from your organization. With unlimited cloud storage, you can maintain a repository that can be used for:

  • Comprehensive Internal audits trails.
  • Analyzing completed session.
  • Demonstrations to the customer.
  • Training customers or a new recruit on how to troubleshoot a particular issue.
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With Annotate, you can pinpoint, draw, and write on the remote screen using the drawing tool, the rectangular drawing tool, and the text tool. You can erase your marks on the screen and write all over again using the eraser and clear screen option.

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Remote Printing

Although usually soft copies are enough, sometimes you still need a hard copy of an important document or file. Remote printing allows you to print files from a remote computer to a local printer, so it takes only half the time to get a document in hand without actual file transfer.

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Custom Domain Mapping

Customizing is not only about matching the looks of your website. It is also about working from a domain of your choice. With custom domain mapping you can map Zoho Assist to your domain, and start working instantly.

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