Custom Domain

Custom Domain 

The Custom Domain feature allows you to access Zoho Assist from the domain of your choice. For instance, your organization's name is Zykler and your website is "", you can access Zoho Assist using "" instead of "". For this, you will have to map your domain URL to Zoho Assist.

To map your domain name, all you have to do is:

Setup a CNAME in your domain registrar's website

  1. Sign in to your domain registrar's website.
  2. Go to control panel.
  3. Access the DNS Management settings to change the DNS records. If you cannot locate DNS Management, look for options like Advanced Settings or Name Server Management.
  4. Create or edit CNAME(or Canonical Name) record and point it to "". If you are accessing Zoho Assist at "", point your CNAME to"", or point your CNAME to "" if you are accessing Zoho Assist at "". 


  1. Changes to DNS are not immediate, it might take some time for them to take effect.
  2. The steps to set up a CNAME may vary depending on the domain provider.

Map your domain to Zoho Assist

  1. Sign in to Zoho Assist.
  2. Go to SettingsGeneral Rebranding Custom Domain .
  3. In Custom Domain, enter the domain URL to be mapped and click SUBMIT.


Disable/delete the existing custom domain

  1. Sign in to Zoho Assist.
  2. Go to Settings General Rebranding Custom Domain.
  3. In Custom Domain, click on delete icon to delete the mapped domain or click on toggle to disable the mapped domain.




SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates are used to establish a secure and encrypted connection between the browser and the server. Installation and renewal of the SSL will be taken care by Zoho. This process may take up to 3 to 5 business days. 


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