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Zoho Analytics is seamlessly integrated with both on-premises and on-demand versions of ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus. Visually analyze your ServiceDesk Plus data, and create insightful reports & dashboards. Share reports together with your colleagues and collaboratively analyze them.

Analyze and track your key service desk metrics. Be empowered.

1 Million Users. 10 Million Reports and Dashboards. 1 Reporting Service

Zoho Analytics connector for ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus makes it easy to slice and dice your service desk data the way you like. It pre-packages 80+ hand-picked reports on incident management, SLA, technician performance, worklog, and tasks, that help you jump-start your IT analytics from the time you set it up.

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    Seamless integration

    Your ServiceDesk Plus data gets seamlessly synced to Zoho Analytics. Access a fully featured BI tool from within your ServiceDesk Plus account.

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    Highly secure

    Governed by strong Zoho Security Practices, including support for a secure encrypted connection.

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    Ready made reports

    Zoho Analytics ServiceDesk Plus Connector provides you with 80+ ready made reports & dashboards, that you'll love and find great value in instantly.

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    Visual analysis and dashboarding

    Visually analyze and build insightful reports and dashboards with easy drag-and-drop interface. No database queries required!

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    Variety of reporting components

    Use a wide variety of charts, pivot tables, kpi widgets & tabular view components to build insightful reports and dashboards.

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    Collaborative analysis

    Develop reports together with your colleagues and collaboratively analyze them for informed decision making.

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    Email, export & print reports

    Reports & dashboards can be scheduled for emailing or can be exported into a variety of file formats for offline access.

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    Embed reports anywhere

    Embed your reports and dashboards across websites, blogs, applications or intranets for wider consumption.


"I needed a rigorous way to analyze and display calling data for our B2B Appointment Setting campaigns. "

David Kreiger

President, SalesRoads

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