Google AdWords Advanced Analytics

Perform deeper analysis, gather wider insights and effectively plan your marketing budget for greater conversions using the Google AdWords Advanced Analytics connector by Zoho Analytics. Read more.

Zoho Survey Advanced Analytics

Slice and dice your Zoho Survey data the way you want. Measure the impact of your surveys, track key metrics, create insightful reports and gain actionable insights. Read more.

SurveyMonkey Advanced Analytics

Extract meaningful insights from your SurveyMonkey data. Track your survey performance, analyze your survey response rate, and do much more.
Read more.

Hubspot CRM Advanced Analytics

Dive deep into your HubSpot CRM data. Keep track of critical sales indicators and enrich your sales funnel from valuable insights delivered by this analytics connector.
Read more.

Agent Performance Analytics

Check out how Zoho Analytics advanced helpdesk analytics can improve the quality of your customer support.
Read more.

Dashboards Blog - Part 4

Dashboards created by our users, that illustrate how you can efficiently visualize data using Zoho Analytics.
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Know how GDLsystems were able to take informed decisions with 360° analytics provided by Zoho Analytics. Read more.


Import Data from Multiple Excel Sheets in a Single Click.

Support for Median and Mode Function.

Support for 'Show Total As' in Pivot Tables.

Unified Data Sources page to manage all your Data Imports.

Track Resource Usage and Manage Users of a Reporting Database.

Option to Schedule Email on the Last Day of the Month.

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