Extract key insights from marketing data with HubSpot Marketing analytics

With Zoho Analytics, analyze all your marketing data and monitor the performance using reports, dashboards, and KPI widgets. Understand how well your marketing efforts are performing, get actionable insights, and make better decisions.

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Measure your inbound marketing performance

Derive insights with Zoho Analytics across all marketing channels.

  • Landing page analysis

    Track the performance of your landing pages based on multiple metrics such as views, CTA clicks, leads, bounce rate, and more. Extract insights from this data and optimize landing pages for increased performance.

  • Website traffic analysis

    Review your web traffic based on source, sessions, and location, and identify where to put more focus. Get 25+ prebuilt reports for website traffic alone and create more custom reports.

  • Marketing email analysis

    Analyze marketing email data and identify emailers that resonated more with your audience. With these data insights, update your future campaigns and make more conversions.

  • Blogs and forms performance analysis

    Get a summary of views generated and entrance and exit rates for published blogs. Also, check the detailed performance of your forms such as interactions, clicks, and installs.

Webpage based insights
Keyword analysis
Backlink analysis

Help your marketing team with meaningful insights

With Zoho Analytics, your marketing team can derive actionable insights from marketing data that includes all your marketing channels. Make use of your data efficiently and create content that resonates with your audience.

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    Pre-built visualizations

    Access 75+ prebuilt reports from HubSpot Marketing data, plus create any number of custom reports as you need. No limitations to the number of reports you can create and the insights you can generate.

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    Visual analysis

    Visualize your marketing data into charts, reports, and dashboards with the intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Uncover trends, forecast performance, and derive actionable insights.

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    Insights from Zia

    Get key insights from your reports with a click of a button using Zia Insights. Converse with Zia in natural language and get accurate answers in the form of reports.

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    Embedded analytics

    Get a white-labeled powerful BI, reporting, and analytics solution, embedded within your product/application or set up as a standalone portal. Analyze data and share reports with your brand name.

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    Collaborative analytics

    Embed reports and visualizations easily or share a private link to dashboards with teams. Collaborate with teams by allowing them to comment and annotate on your reports.

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    Data storytelling

    Make data analysis accessible to all your team members by sharing your findings as data stories. Create data storytelling dashboards and share them with your team in a jiffy.

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"Zoho Analytics is an easy to use business intelligence tool. There are many integration options; The recommended tables are often useful. Creating custom charts and tables, then organizing them into dashboards is where this software shines."

Michael Torres

Marketing Director, Fabrication Enterprises Inc

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