Springfield Mechanical Services achieves 20% more sales year over year with Zoho Analytics

    50+Trusted users
    20%Increase in Sales
    2Different Datasources

"Zoho Analytics was our first choice because of the compatibility and integration it offered with our systems, since most of them were Zoho. Other products were either too expensive or too complex, and didn’t integrate well with our systems. Zoho Analytics had everything that we needed."

Brad Fisher
Founder & Vice President, Springfield Mechanical Services

About Springfield Mechanical Services

Springfield Mechanical Services, was founded in 1989 as a commercial and industrial mechanical contractor in south-west Missouri. With around 100 employees, they provide mechanical solutions for food production, retail, and commercial offices. The company has two offices in the USA: Springfield, Missouri and Springdale, Arkansas.

Challenges: Enormous data, no insights

Brad Fisher is VP at Springfield Mechanical Services with the primary responsibilities of business management, analytics, digital workflows, and IT for the company.

In recent years, Springfield has been growing rapidly and generating huge amounts of data. With employees able to access data on the go, Springfield was in need of a BI solution that could not only integrate data from all systems into one analytics platform to generate deep decisive observations, but also comply with privacy and security compliances.

As the founder, Brad had to identify and track key performance indicators for business operations. With a small IT team at his disposal, he was looking for a solution that enabled him do this easily, but was also powerful enough to go deeper. Apart from visualizing their KPIs, Brad wanted capabilities to forecast realistic sales targets for his sales team.

Springfield needed a solution that could:

  • Integrate and blend data from all data sources, without manual intervention
  • Create insightful reports and dashboards, and publish them to board members and managers
  • Enable secure collaboration of data with user-based permissions

"My goal was to completely visualize all our forms and reports. All our staff have Iphones, Ipads and they get data on the move, whenever they need. Now as we have been scaling up rapidly over the past few years, its difficult to maintain the data accessible to all, given the privacy and security concerns. We need to find a way to more easily analyze the information from a global perspective and work with KPIs to better operate all departments, all securely."

Brad Fisher
Founder & Vice President, Springfield Mechanical Services

Solution: End-to-end insight using Zoho Analytics

Springfield Mechanical Services has been using Zoho CRM and Zoho Creator for more than five years. Until now, they were managing analytics that were built into these applications and Microsoft Excel. However, with their recent growth, they needed an end-to-end BI solution that was less complex and more valuable.

While he considered other BI solutions, Brad Fisher chose Zoho Analytics due to its simplicity, data blending capabilities, variety of visualizations, and overall value.

With Zoho Analytics' built-in connector and data connectivity options, data from Zoho CRM and Zoho Creator was seamlessly integrated into Zoho Analytics for end-to-end business analysis, auto-blending data from across Springfield.

Features like easy integration with Zoho apps, drag and drop functionality, forecasting, graphs, dashboards, user-based permissions, visual interactions, and many more enabled them to do more advanced analysis with ease.

Springfield uses Zoho Analytics for the following:

  • Sales analytics KPIs: Springfield now tracks individual sales performance, quantity and quality of proposals, quotes and order analysis, target fullfillment,90 day performance reports, and more.
  • Operational analytics KPIs: They can also now track metrics including productivity of employees, employee attendance, time sheets, actual hours spent on job, materials used on a job, and more.
  • Set realistic sales targets: Springfield can also now forecast sales targets based on past data to set realistic sales goals.

"Earlier, we used to set sales goals and have sky high numbers but our sales team never hit their target. After implementing Zoho Analytics, we started forecasting realistic and manageable targets for our team. We now know we can achieve these targets and work towards that. This has increased the morale of the sales people. In fact, we are now able to consistently close 20% more sales every year because of reliable forecasting."

With Zoho Analytics' forecasting feature, they were able to set reliable and realistic targets for their sales teams enabling them to close 20% more sales every year.

Now Brad's team generates reports and dashboards that used to take them 4-5 hours within 15 minutes, increasing their productivity in core areas of business.

The reports and dashboards are shared with 10+ key stakeholders and managers with user-based permissions and accessibility anywhere, at any time, across all devices.

Benefits & results

  • 20% increase in sales year-over-year.
  • Reduced time taken for analysis and insights generation from 4-5 hours to 15 minutes.
  • Enabled analysis and setting of realistic sales targets.
  • Enabled secure collaborative analytics by reducing privacy and security risks.