nCentix grows client's business 30% more, with business analytics powered by Zoho Analytics nCentix grows client's business 30% more, with business analytics powered by Zoho Analytics

Doug FreemanCEO of nCentix

I have, and will continue to share with others, my ringing endorsement of Zoho Analytics. With the fantastically friendly user interface, phenomenal customer support, and cost-effective pricing, Zoho Analytics has really hit a sweet spot.

nCentix is a rewards and recognition company specializing in customized incentive solutions for companies who care as much about their employees and partners as they do about their performance. In the interview below, Doug Freeman, a marketing revolutionary and the CEO of nCentix, shares his experience on how Zoho Analytics has helped nCentix overcome their day-today business challenge with reporting.

  • Key Highlights

    • nCentix switched from Klipfolio to Zoho Analytics for more advanced, easier-to-use and affordable reporting solution
    • Significant increase in business efficiency
    • Cross functional analytics by blending data from Xero and spreadsheets
  • What do you do at nCentix?

    We help businesses grow and achieve their vision through customized solutions that incent and reward the right behavior, by the right people, at the right time. To do so it is critical we can record, analyze and present relevant data for each of our customers, deriving the key metrics that will motivate employees and partners, strengthen brand loyalty and drive better bottomline results.

  • What were the challenges you were facing, and what was the impetus for trying Zoho Analytics?

    We started as a small company and did not have the resources to employ full-time professionals with an expertise in reporting and database management. But we couldn't ignore reporting because we had clients with high demands for it. We needed a reporting solution that was powerful, easy to use and flexible enough to deliver the kind of reporting that makes us stand out with our clients.

  • What product were you using before Zoho Analytics?

    Prior to Zoho we were using Klipfolio, and frankly, it was confusing to use. We were unable to respond in a timely or productive manner for our clients, and it was costing us more money than we cared to spend.

  • Where do you store your data for analysis?

    We have most of our data stored in Excel files, and we also have a need to analyze data from Xero. Zoho Analytics has a seamless integration with Xero that makes it extremely easy for us to analyze our data.

  • How has Zoho Analytics impacted your work at nCentix?

    Zoho Analytics has changed everything for the better. We started off with a free trial and literally, within a day and with no training, had data sets uploaded, reports and dashboards created, and were delivering reporting to our clients. We are now more responsive to our clients needs. For example, one of our clients recently called asking for a change in their reporting. We updated the report in a matter of minutes, had them review and approve it even before we were off the call!

    The Zoho Analytics team has been very responsive in helping us at every step and the online FAQs, tutorials, and videos are clear, concise, and precise. The user interface is fantastic!

  • How has Zoho Analytics added value to your organization?

    We save at least 20 hours per week on the time spent on reporting, which for a small company is enormous. Zoho Analytics has also greatly reduced the stress related to producing and delivering reports to our clients. We are receiving favorable reviews from our clients, which increases our brand value and gives us another important selling point.

    In addition, Zoho Analytics has helped us pinpoint reward program participants who were on the verge of producing significant results for our clients. That was when the bubble chart option in Zoho Analytics helped us quickly and clearly identify these participants. We were then able to zero down our marketing and communications efforts, push the participants over the top, and grow their business by more than 30%.

  • Key Benefits Observed by nCentix

    • Customer Satisfaction: Positive reviews from client regarding presentation, turn - around time and data synthesis.
    • Increase in Business Growth: nCentix helped improve its clients business by 30%.
    • Time Saver: On average, they saved about 20 hours a week.
    • In-Depth Visualization: nCentix quickly identified their key metrics and trends using the in - depth visualization options of Zoho Analytics.
    • Powerful Integrations: With Zoho Analytics advanced analytics add on for Xero, nCentix was able to import and analyze their financial data in a snap.
    Zoho Analytics has rapidly increased our efficiency and performance, and has positively impacted our business.
  • What was your organization like before Zoho Analytics, and what is it like now?

    Before we used Zoho Analytics, we were always uncertain about our reporting and constantly under pressure over how we could produce what our clients needed in the time required. After using Zoho, we are far more confident in our reporting and can quickly respond to our clients requests. Zoho Analytics has had a positive impact on our business, including our efficiency and performance. I strongly recommend Zoho Analytics!