Evantec replaces Tibco Spotfire with Zoho Analytics Evantec replaces Tibco Spotfire with Zoho Analytics

Alexandra Nelson RyanCTO of Evantec Corporation

Zoho Analytics has tremendously influenced the speed of analysis. Tasks that once took 20 hours to complete has dropped to 5 hours.


Evantec Corporation is a business consulting firm specializing in change management, learning solutions and technology enablement. It was founded in 1997 and continues to provide targeted strategic and tactical business consulting solutions to Fortune 1000 companies.


Evantec Corporation had the necessity to analyze huge sets of operational data day in and day out. The firm tried their hands on multiple business intelligence tools including Tibco Spotfire. Not being able to find the right tool, Evantec corporation even built a homegrown solution for their reporting and analytical needs but nothing seemed to work the way they wanted.

[Tibco] Spotfire required installation of a desktop application which made it usable only for the individual who had the application or we would be required to pay additional expensive fees

Alex and team wanted an efficient business intelligence tool which is capable of both analyzing trends and creating real-time visualizations. They also wanted it to be highly secure and easily accessible from anywhere. And, not to say the least affordable too.


Evantec moved from Tibco Spotfire to Zoho Analytics because of its compelling and robust reporting features. Alex found Zoho Analytics on the internet and was encouraged with positive feedback from industry partners.

They currently use Zoho Analytics to access and analyze large amounts of data that are segmented into logical portals for their ad hoc reporting needs.

We chose Zoho because of recommendations, the web-based access so that we could access the app from anywhere, ability to share publicly and privately to users, security such as two-factor authentication, flexibility in pricing (ability to increase/decrease users as needed), and the ability to tie into databases or load data via CSV and Excel.

Benefits & Results

  • 4X Increase in Productivity: Zoho Analytics helped Evantec achieve analysis 4 times faster. Tasks that once took over 20 hours takes less than 5 hours now.
  • Quick and Easy Setup: Being a self-service online service, Evantec no longer had to spend hours in setting up the service, thus saving huge on implementation time.
  • Interactive and In-depth Visualization: Easy to use drag and drop based interface allowed the team to slice and dice their data and create insightful reports and dashboards effortlessly. With interactive dashboards and informative KPI widgets, the team found it relatively easy to keep track of their key metrics and take informed decisions.
  • Data Import from a Variety of Sources: With a wide range of data connectors available in Zoho Analytics, setting up data imports was at ease.
  • Secure Collaboration: With Zoho Analytics' online sharing options along with fine-grained access control, collaborating within the team was easier than ever before.
  • Flexible Pricing: Evantec was completely happy with pay-as-you-go monthly pricing offered by Zoho Analytics. On choosing Zoho Analytics they no longer had to pay huge upfront licensing fees or annual support costs that come with a traditional installed BI software.
  • Accessibility: Zoho Analytics being an online service, it allowed Alex and her team to access the reports and collaborate from anywhere, anytime.