BeRepublic gets deep insights on employee engagement and ROI, with Zoho Analytics

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    200%Increase in business visibility
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"Zoho Analytics is our first tool, and we've now started moving everything to Zoho. In a few months, every dashboard we do for our clients will be done in Zoho Analytics".

-Andrés Navarro López, Head of Performance and Data, BeRepublic

About BeRepublic

BeRepublic, creates digital businesses for their clients. With over 100 employees in Spain, Panama, and New York, the company helps businesses with digital transformation. They assist clients in adapting their existing business model to the new digital environment or, if necessary, create a new model that allows them to compete better in the digital world.


BeRepublic advises businesses in:

  • Launching a company from scratch
  • Defining strategy, direction, and new digital business models for large companies
  • Creating, implement, develop, and optimize their clients' digital businesses

- Andrés Navarro López, Head of Performance and Data, needed to analyze the performance of employees, company-wide, and the profitability of each department.

In addition to this, BeRepublic does lots of campaigns specially through PPC and programmatic handling lots of data besides content marketing, email marketing, analytics, SEO, etc. They needed dashboards to monitor all these campaigns.

Lastly, the company monitors digital channels, as part of digital transformation initiatives for their customers, and analyzes the data generated. Doing all these in Excel took lots of time and effort.

They were looking for one BI solution that caters to all of these needs.

BeRepublic wanted a solution that could:

  • Import data from other Zoho applications
  • Analyze and create performance reports and dashboards
  • Enable collaborative analytics through secure sharing
BeRepublic gets deep insights on employee engagement and ROI, with Zoho Analytics

"Most of our dashboards are for monitoring performance of marketing campaigns and digital channels from time to time and we do analytics based on that for our clients"

Andrés Navarro López
Head of Performance and Data, BeRepublic


BeRepublic was already a customer of Zoho CRM and Zoho Projects. Three years back, when BeRepublic wanted Andrés to analyze the profitability of his 4 member team, that's when he started using Zoho Analytics. When they started importing and analyzing the data into Zoho Analytics, they realized the power of this tool and adopted it company-wide.

The company started to do performance and profitability analysis for all their teams. With data coming in and flowing seamlessly from Zoho Projects to Zoho Analytics, they had their first dashboard across departments in a short amount of time.

Powerful query tables and pivots in Zoho Analytics enabled BeRepublic to get deep insights, like how many employees are working in a project at any given point in time, hours spent per employee per project, costs involved, and effort required to complete projects. From then on KPIs became transparent and easy to track.

These dashboards are shared with 30 plus users across the company and is the main source for their leaders to monitor, measure and proactively drive projects.

"I started to analyze the data for my small team first, and then realized that I can calculate the profitability of all teams across the organization. So after some initial setup with Zoho Projects, we had our first dashboard on profitability. Soon, I liked the tool and started running dashboards to calculate P&Ls across the company."

BeRepublic's project managers started using Zoho Analytics for other analytical needs, like profit and loss, marketing campaign analysis, and more.

Now the dashboards carved out of Zoho Analytics are used as the main way to analyze the ROI of the employees at BeRepublic.

Having benefited, BeRepublic started moving all their data into Zoho, and in few months, they plan to begin leveraging Zoho Analytics for their clients, as well.

"Now we get a single piece of truth on how many hours each employee puts in project-wise, which wasn't possible earlier. Our decisions are now 200% more data-driven than before. Zoho Analytics is quite complete for its price and is a very solid tool."

Benefits & results

  • BeRepublic decisions are now 200% more data-driven than before
  • Complete insights into ROI of each employee across the company
  • End to end tracking of marketing campaigns and performance of digital channels in one place
  • Enable collaborative analysis on profitability across each departments