A chart makes it easy to see a trend over time or to compare how different figures stack up. To achieve a similar effect with plain tabular data is difficult, but not impossible! That’s what conditional formatting in Zoho Analytics achieves.

Conditional Formatting of Tabular Data

You often see conditional formatting applied to financial data, where positive values are typically in green and negative values in red. A similar example below, where we show the best ‘CTR’s in green, the bad ones in red and the intermediate ones in yellow. You can apply color to the cell background and to the font (‘Clicks’ column in the below example).

Definitely easy to identify outliers and easy to comprehend, right? Zoho Analytics now supports conditional formatting in base tables and query tables. We will be extending it to pivot and summary tables soon. You can access conditional formatting by right-clicking on a column.

Area and Stacked Area Charts

We have been continuously adding new chart types. The latest ones to come in are area and stacked area charts.

Try conditional formatting and area charts in Zoho Analytics and let us know your feedback comments.

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  1. Jett

    What about conditionally formatting in Zoho Creator???

  2. himerci

    Bruce,You need to deplore the combo chart ASAP, without it, your software looks antiquated.Mel

  3. Henry Soo

    Nice, but please also put it into Creator’s report feature !

  4. Arvind

    Bruce: Apologies for the delay. We are on it. Should be available shortly.

  5. Bruce

    Nice – but not nearly as nice as combo charts. We’ve been waiting for combo charts (bar/line on same chart) for months… years?